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CANBERRA AIRPORT customer review :  28 May 2012 by Roger Stone    (Australia)

Rating : 7/10





Compared to the poor and cramped small terminal that used to be here, the newly built terminal has fresh and airy conditions and quite good facilities. However, an annoying issue is that now Canberra Airport's Terminal managers have decided to play terribly loud music through the main buildings. Why on earth this decision has been made is beyond me - it certainly doesn't fit the style of the average passenger passing through this terminal. Indeed, its enough to make me try avoid this terminal and make a point of not buying anything from the commercial outlets. Otherwise, drop-off and check-in facilities are good, security is efficient and air-bridges and staff appear mostly efficient.

CANBERRA AIRPORT customer review :  8 May 2012 by Ian Morris    (Australia)

Rating : 9/10





The new terminal is a revelation compared to the old cramped terminal. Bright and airy, easy check-in, excellent club lounges, bright gate waiting areas, easy boarding, this is the way an airport should be. Only hassle at the moment is the location of the taxi stand but once the whole airport redevelopment is finished this will not be a problem.

Canberra Airport customer review :  15 August 2011 by Y Ren   (Australia)

Customer Rating :  4/5

4 Star Rating   






The New Canberra airport is much improved on the old one. The nation's capital finally has a decent airport. Easy check-in area, good airline lounges, easy boarding process. very impressed.

Canberra Airport customer review : 17 December 2010 by A Ravi

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

Landed in Canberra from Melbourne on Qantas, and taxied in to the new Canberra Airport Terminal. I was told only departure lounges for Virgin Blue and Tiger airways were still in use in the old terminal however all airlines had check-in and baggage claims in the new terminal. A magnificent improvement from the glass aerobridges, to the large glass panes that covered the walls of the terminal. Larger Shops as well as a conveniently located coffee shop, were also noted. There was a much larger seating capacity than previously. On the exterior, the terminal was extremely fancy, and had newly implemented elevated roads to the departures level. All in all a superb terminal, with fancy design, extravagant interiors and modern facilities.

Canberra Airport customer review : 13 March 2009 by Chris McQuaid

Customer Rating : 2/5

2 Star Rating

Day return from Sydney - only had hand luggage, so straight off plane (airbridge) and into terminal. Bus fare seemed reasonable ($9 one way, $15 return), but I wasn't aware until told by a policeman in the terminal that it was a public holiday, so bus service to town was infrequent. He told me where to find the bus stop (easy enough), but there was no timetable! I got a taxi instead. Departure was rather more troublesome - I had checked in for both flights in Sydney, so didn't need the check-in facilities at CBR, but finding a seat that was out of the quite fierce sun was rather difficult. Food prices were also high ($6.50 for two sandwiches, $3.50 for a small bottle of soft drink). Then, when I went through the scanner for security, everything I was wearing set it off! I had to take off my belt, then my shoes, but it still beeped because I have metal pins in my feet. When I asked why I had not had any similar problem at SYD I was told "our scanner is more sensitive!" Way too sensitive is more like it. No airbridge this time - just a very short walk to the plane. It seems a nice enough airport, but I have to deduct points for no bus timetable, security and the over-priced food.

Canberra International Airport review by P Major

26 January 2007   Customer Rating : n/a

Checked in for my Qantas flight with Quickcheck which was very efficient. Then a short trip to the bag drop counter and we were on our way up the escalators to the gate lounge. Hardly anyone around and we were surprised that there weren't any kiosks or cafes to grab something at. However, there was plenty of seating. I'm told that the Virgin area has a bit more activity as well as a cafe or two. You'd hope this little airport doesn't become a MEL or a SYD anytime soon.

Canberra International Airport review by A Kattula

8 September 2006

Flew into Canberra on Virgin at 8.40am on a wet Friday morning 25/8. Virgin uses common user area and was only flight there. Bags off very quickly as lightly loaded flight and majority of passengers only had hand luggage. Rental car desks easy to locate and terminal well sign posted . About a 200m walk to rental car area mainly under cover. Arrival was all in all quick and efficient. Noted signs and announcements for bus service to city centre $7 one way or $12 return with service every half hour is quite good. Departure again very easy as not many Virgin flights in and out of Canberra. Warning - Check gate number carefully as Qantas use seperate departure area from others and they are not connected! Why they dont connect them is beyond me as it would save money by not having to double up on security staff and shop staff! Bar/snack counter in Common user area doesn't open until one hour before flight so if you are early stay landside if you want to eat or drink!. Terminal clean and bright with good view of apron area. Canberra is an efficient airport coping well with its current number of pasengers.

Canberra International Airport review by  Edmund Carew

9 September 2005

Unlike the DJ terminal in SYD, CBR with its renovations is well light, including plenty of natural light. Cleaners do an excellent job: SYD and to a lesser extent MEL and BNE take note! The coach service to the city remains inadequate: only an hourly frequency at most times on weekdays and no services on weekends, and no pickups en route from 'Civic' (city) at places like offices in the suburb of Russell for instance. The urban otherwise excellent ACTION bus network should ideally serve the airport, even if private operator Deanes presumably have the historic traffic rights.

Canberra International Airport review by  Ben Gertz

21 April 2005

I recently went through CBR on a Holiday to Canberra, It is a nice Airport and terminal, better than my home City Townsville, but it looks to be revamped a little, maybe replace the Aerobridges and Check-Inns, Townsville even has newer Qantas Check-Inns and modern Aerobridges, don't know about the Virgin Blue side though.

Canberra International Airport review by  Paddy Ward

23 August 2004

Yes the international flights started up a month ago, you can now fly from CBR to NAN (I think that's right for Nadi) twice a week (Thursday and Sunday) at 1.30 pm. It's all very well set up like a production, one minute they've got the customs set up and quarantine, etc, etc, and half an hour later, it's all gone again. You'd never know it was an international airport for one hour.

Canberra International Airport review by  Paddy Ward

17 April 2004

Went through CBR to fly to Melbourne for the Easter weekend. QF check-in staff member was very hospitable and I checked in with no fuss. Security staff friendly and I hope CBR stays this way. To be honest I wouldn't really want it to become another MEL or SYD or BNE.

Canberra International Airport review by  T Richard

8 October 2003

Had the pleasure of visiting Canberra recently, and I found the airport quite pleasant. The staff were also friendly and very helpful. I read in a local paper about plans to introduce international flights, which I think is a great idea.

Canberra International Airport review by  Craig Wilkes

22 August 2003

Canberra is my home airport and I generally agree with Paddy Ward that it is a nice airport. I have also found the staff to be friendly and accommodating. The Qantas check-in staff always try to get you a good seat for the international connections out of Sydney or Melbourne. The facilities are quite good, with separate gate areas for Qantas and Virgin Blue/Regional Express. My only gripe is the stupid policy that only allows you to drop-off near the terminal but not pick up passengers and their luggage, even if they are waiting at the kerb. This is supposedly for 'security reasons' but why then do they allow drop-offs. I believe that it's so the airport operators can rip you off for parking which has a minimum charge of $1 even if you stay for only one minute.

Canberra International Airport review by  Paddy Ward

17 August 2003

Although it isn't actually an international airport Canberra is a pleasure to pass through. Staff are friendly, services are plentiful, and it has good vibes about it. I invite others to share their experiences about Canberra airport.




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