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Buffalo Niagara Airport
6.8 out of 10  6.8 out of 10
11 reviews




BUFFALO AIRPORT customer review :  27 March 2014 by R Liria    (Canada)

Rating : 3/10





I was trying to find a parking spot for more than 70 minutes in the only small enclosed parking and finally I left to park outside. Can't believe an airport with that traffic and weather don't have a covered parking area for people who would like to pay for it. Really bad service.

BUFFALO AIRPORT customer review :  21 March 2013 by S Selvaraj    (Canada)

Rating : 9/10





Excellent option travelling from Toronto, Canada. Quick drive to apt, check-in is a breeze as only single flight scheduled at desk, smaller aircraft means smaller line-ups everywhere. Security was thorough, but very quick - no rush, no herding. Apt is spacious enough to handle the crowd. No walking endlessly. Collect baggage and walk out to the outside in a minute. The ride to the apt from Toronto is not at all bad, allow 2.5 hrs travel time door to door from the middle of Toronto. Will always be my only choice for North American travel. Food options not much air-side.

BUFFALO AIRPORT review : 15 July 2009 : by James Burke

Customer Rating : 5/5

5 Star Rating

K George is right on the money. As we were getting our things out of our car for our flight, the Parking Shuttle guy patiently waited for us and helped more than most do. We flew out on Southwest, and in on US Airways. Buffalo works well for SW as there is very little time wasted for taxiing, so planes can get in and get out quickly. The airport is bright and easy to use. Be advised that the Jetway does not get lowered for regional jets, so if its a rainy day, and you are on a CRJ or ERJ to BUF, have a newspaper handy to hold over your head!

BUFFALO AIRPORT review : 20 December 2008 : by K George

Customer Rating : 5/5

5 Star Rating

BUF is a great, smallish airport to fly into and out of. Security moves quickly, the lines are short, and it's very convenient for pick-up/drop-off, and rentals. Upon arrival, you can literally be in your car with baggage within 20 mins. Parking is expansive and cheap, and there are always friendly drivers ready to pick you up at your car or drive you to it after arrival. The airport itself is bright and inviting- very well designed. It is also large enough to have a pretty good selection of flights- there are about 30 or so gates, and probably a dozen or so airlines. You can't always get a direct flight, but the options are not bad at all. My only gripe is there are only a few restaurant choices, but since BUF is rarely a changeover, it's not somewhere you'll usually spend a lot of time anyway.

BUFFALO AIRPORT review : 2 September 2008 : by Gary Marsh

Customer Rating : 3/5

3 Star Rating

Buf appears to be a nice little airport with friendly staff who are very efficient and treat customers with respect. The downside being airside shops and restaurants facilities are rather poor compared to other airports. The airport waiting areas are not too bad and gates quite near to each other. Quite a pleasant airport to fly into and out of.

BUFFALO AIRPORT review : 28 August 2008 : by Nathan Gilbert

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

I've used Buffalo-Niagara only as an alternative to flying into Toronto's Pearson Airport. The prices are much cheaper than Toronto's Pearson Airport. The Buffalo Airport is extremely convenient. The walk from your gate to the baggage claim area is short and rental cars are kept on the bottom floor of the adjacent parking garage. The drive to central Toronto can take over two hours, even without traffic, but overall the trip is much cheaper than flying into Toronto.

Buffalo Niagara Int'l Airport by Joanne Fonzi

26 February 2007   Customer Rating : n/a

I live in the Niagara Region, on the Ontario, Canada side and grew up in the Buffalo area. At one time, it was common for Americans to trek to Toronto in order to obtain the best selection of flights at reasonable prices. Buffalo used to have three ancient, small terminal buildings, very limited parking and a small cartel of airlines operating out of it. Since the new airport in Buffalo has been built, the range of airline choice and scheduling has grown, and prices have fallen. Toronto, on the other hand, with its growth and congestion, has become increasingly more expensive and although the drive from here is barely more than an hour, that's hypothetical because traffic is always so bad in TO, then if that's not enough, parking is a nightmare, you have to walk great distances to get to and inside of the terminals and now, regardless of where you want to fly to, it's much more expensive even after taking exchanges into consideration. We can leave our home, be at Buffalo- Niagara in less than 45 minutes, parking is plentiful and cheap, but because it's such a hassle-free trip it's never any problem to get someone to do a drop off. You can just get in and out of there fast. I do agree, the security barriers were placed in the most awkward part of the airport, severely limiting the access to more shops and restaurant choices. The baggage carrousel area is also a bit tight when a few flights arrive at once, but again, these are small problems compared to the ease and reasonable prices. And, for domestic flights within the US, when you live in Canada, you can entirely avoid customs when arriving, and just drive from the airport and do your declarations at whatever bridge, and it's so much easier. It's nice to be in this area and have the choice of airports - to include Hamilton, which is making travel within Canada easier for us in this region.

Buffalo Niagara Int'l Airport by Martin Keenan

9 February 2007

Like some of the other reviewers here, I'm a Canadian that uses BUF as an alternative to Toronto Pearson International. The reason is simple - - for flights within the United States, it's vastly cheaper to fly from Buffalo -- On one occasion recently, I was able to make a flight out of Buffalo for literally half what it would have cost from Toronto (all taxes included). Two significant reasons why Buffalo is cheaper -- Firstly, Pearson charges possibly the highest landing fees in the world and second, the United States TSA charges higher security fees for trans-border versus U.S. domestic flights. One review of Buffalo Airport complained about it being hard to fly anywhere direct from Buffalo, but I suspect that most airports are like that these days. With one connection, you can get to most places from Buffalo. My one issue with the airport is that it was designed in the pre-9/11 era, and nearly all the airport facilities (stores, restaurants, etc.) are in the secure area, so there isn't much to do for people waiting for arriving flights.

Buffalo Niagara Int'l Airport by David Howe

8 November 2005

Southwest and Jet Blue offer a cheap alternative to us Canadians, but airport fees at YYZ adding 80% to a fare is somewhat of an exaggeration. This airport is not a travel friendly place, one of the coldest and most impersonal airports I have ever been in. The parking system is quite expensive and very disorganized, the shuttle buses wander aimlessly and don't pick up on a first come first served basis. The day we left there were noisy sirens and alarms going off all the time and all the staff just ignored them, and my eardrums just hummed and I couldn't hear anything that was going on. While the food sold was good, there was very little selection (apart from Burger King before security every outlet had the same menu) and the prices were exorbitant.

Buffalo Niagara Int'l Airport by Kevin Leung

13 September 2005

BUF is an excellent airport as a second choice for Toronto people flying to Chicago, Northeastern USA and Florida, especially you are travelling with a whole family. Southwest fare from BUF to Florida is so low, CAD150 include tax round trip, for family of four, flying from BUF to Florida can save you a lots of money! BUF itself is small, user- friendly, and just 1.5 hours from Toronto. I did that before - park my car, check in, security, boarding, all in 35 mins!

Buffalo Niagara Int'l Airport by Michael Sandler

8 October 2004

Have been using this airport as an alternative to Pearson Intl (YYZ- Toronto) because of Pearson’s outrageous airport fees. I have routinely bought an airline ticket thinking that it was a great price, only to find out that the airport fees add another 80% to the ticket. Buffalo Intl is an ok airport, its quite small but it gets the job done. One problem with this airport is the paltry number of flights that leave the airport. Unless you live in the Northeast it is almost impossible to fly without connecting somewhere. The only other gripe that I have is that the food selection at the airport is rather poor.




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