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BERNE AIRPORT customer review : 27 June 2010 by Paul Van Alsten

Customer Rating : 5/5

5 Star Rating

ORY-BRN with Air France and quite satisfied with this regional airport. Only a few flights per day so baggage reclaim understandably very quick. Bus connection with Berne central station upon each regular incoming and departing flight - one-way costs 5.20CHF. Check-in efficient and hassle-free - online check-in has now been introduced. Status travellers have access to the airport lounge above the departure gate. The only downside is the airport website - it is rather difficult to navigate within it as there are lots of advertisement.

BERNE AIRPORT customer review : 28 December 2009 by Paul Van Alsten

Customer Rating : 5/5

5 Star Rating

Berne-Belp is a small but excellent regional airport. It is currently connected to Orly with Air France and Munich with Lufthansa. There is a bus shuttle upon each regular flight arrival (even delayed flights); travel time to Berne railway station is around 20 min. A major problem is the heavy fog in winter - I have already been diverted to Basle airport twice.

Berne Airport by Robert Rothacher

24 May 2004   Customer Rating : n/a

The new terminal building is probably the best small airport terminal in Europe. Small, efficient, very friendly and check-in procedure is made in minutes. Beside Munich by Lufthansa, Amsterdam by KLM, Intersky to Vienna and Berlin, Brussels is now connected with Berne by EAE. Overall a great airport !

Berne Airport by Sascha Herzog

9 December 2002

Berne Airport (Airport of the Capital of Switzerland) is a regional airport with connections to Europes major cities. Also connecting to the international hubs of Munich and Amsterdam. Check-In time only 20 minutes prior to departure time. Airport Authority is building a new terminal, which will be opened by may 2003. Temporary terminal is in use until the opening of the new terminal. Staff is very friendly! The motto is, to serve the passenger from leaving the taxi or public transport until boarding the aircraft.




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