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BRISBANE AIRPORT customer review : 10 December 2008 : by Steven Brown

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

Used BNE to get to and from Canberra recently. Flight departed at 9.15am and must say the airport was practically dead. Bag drop was quick at Virgin and security staff were nice. Got pulled up about carrying food products on board and although professional they were still humane about it all. On the way back landing at 2pm airport was sort of being used to say the least. Baggage collection was quick and Airtrain was waiting right there. Although the airport is old it is still very functional and easy to use.

BRISBANE AIRPORT customer review : 6 November 2008 : by M Handley

Customer Rating : 3/5

3 Star Rating

Landing at BNE in the morning is a bit of a mess, baggage control cant seem to handle more then one plane load at a time which forms massive queues the whole stretch of the conveyor belts. weird thing is the occasional security guard will come up to you and stamp your landing card to enable you to skip this and go fasttrack - although this is pure luck and also raises the question of why have the screenings in the first place if 30% of people slip through this? Departing the airport is pretty good, easy checkin desks, nice airport seats despite there appearances and relatively quick luggage screenings - staff on the day were helpful and friendly - a rare thing to find in an airport!

BRISBANE AIRPORT customer review : 31 July 2008 : by L Cox

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

Big changes at Brisbane International. The most obvious is the passport control/security bottleneck has been addressed by moving the security in front of passport control. So now the lines don't get held up by security. The new extensions are apparently going to increase the size of the terminal by 66%. The new north air bridge is really nice with leather seats, lots of tables and additional F&B outlets.

BRISBANE AIRPORT customer review : 29 July 2008 : by T Higson

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

Traveled domestically to and from Melbourne with my football team. We arrived at 6am and used Qantas' group check in. By 6.30, the bag drop line (which we didnt have to use) took some passengers over 45 minutes to check their bags in. Security was no problem at all and took only a few minutes during rush hour. Terminal is always very clean and tidy. On our return, our flight was over an hour late and arrived just before 9.30pm. We arrived to a completely empty airport meaning our bags were collected rather fast. Brisbane is such a great airport both domestic and international, only if they could increase the train services to the city.

BRISBANE AIRPORT customer review : 28 May 2008 : by P Stedman

Customer Rating : 2/5

2 Star Rating

First time using Brisbane on Transit from Melbourne to Nadi. Based on experience I will avoid at all costs in future. Main issue is the lack of security staff and machines once going through immigration relative to number of passengers using the airport (exacerbated by stricter US Flight requirements). The security section is immediately after immigration (and I mean only 5-10 meters) and as a result, the lines can back up quickly. It got to the point on the day we went through that they stopped processing passengers through immigration so the back log could clear, meaning some passengers were late for their flights. Brisbane, if you want to play with the big boys, your International Airport needs serious work to compete. On a small point, the terminal itself is miles form the end of the runway (depending on which way the wind is blowing).

BRISBANE AIRPORT customer review : 17 May 2008 : by D Holmes

Customer Rating : 3/5

3 Star Rating

Have travelled through BNE International terminal 7 times over the last few months, and it seems to almost be a tale of two airports. Outbound I have no problem whatsoever, there are rarely any queues (of more than a few minutes long) for security and passport control. Check in is always a breeze, again I have never queued for more than a minute or two. The facilities once you get through customs/security are fine too. There's a fair selection of eateries and seating, and it's generally clean and tidy. Coming back is a different matter - I've had queues of up to 45 minutes for immigration (as a non-Australian passport holder) and the same again for quarantine. Just what you need after a 24 hour plus flight.

Brisbane Airport review by D Dale

13 May 2008   Customer Rating : 4 Star Rating

Transfer from Brisbane Domestic Terminal to Brisbane International Terminal seamless. Quick ride across on Airtrain link. Check-in at Qantas was fast with only a short queue. However, a long queue was encountered at customs which resulted in a half an hour 'crawl' to the customs officer. Customs officer was polite and at this time, every customs station was manned. Another 20 minute wait to pass through security. It appears that queues form in the morning (as I encountered) but afternoons are quite relaxed as shown when arriving at 4.30PM. Quick check through immigration and customs again with polite customs staff. Bags quick to be out on carousel. Departing from aircraft to leaving terminal would have been 25 minutes. Prefer Brisbane and Melbourne International Airports over Sydney.

Brisbane Airport review by G Wilson

12 March 2008   Customer Rating : 4 Star Rating

Checked in on line, so went to bag drop & then to security check, all in 5 minutes. Arrival - walked from plane to baggage claim to find bags already on belt. Good variety of shopping/eating outlets for domestic terminal. The only failure is the airtrain. It doesnt run after 8pm, & with many domestic flights arriving & departing after this plus international departures, it would make sense to run it longer, as it offers a good service.

Brisbane Airport review by Simon Uglow

22 January 2008   Customer Rating : 3 Star Rating

Brisbane Airport - inbound international - we were lucky at customs, as we were at the back of a long queue, when a friendly customs official starting checking from the back, and cleared us through really quickly. Once outside, though, the scrum to get a lift to the car park was dreadful. Outbound international - we decided to use the train (a long slow journey, and not an "express" by any stretch of the imagination), which did take us straight to the terminal. Once inside and checked in, went through to departures, but were disappointed in two things - no lounge in International accepting Priority Pass, and the standard and spread of offering of catering was poor - not much better than Bristol.

Brisbane Airport review by Keith Jenkins

21 January 2008   Customer Rating : 5 Star Rating

Entry through Brisbane International was simple, fast and with no problems. Immigration staff very friendly, informative and dealt efficiently with a smile on their faces! A nice welcome to Australia especially in the evening - thank you. Exiting was a similar pleasure - no problems, friendly staff, varied selection of retail outlets fairly priced. This must be one of the easiest airports to exit with a hire car. Thank you to the lady at Red Spot who said I could follow her out of the airport to the motorway - nice touch. In conclusion a quality airport

Brisbane Airport review by Trevor Hoad

17 January 2008   Customer Rating : 3 Star Rating

Cleared passport control in 10 minutes despite a JAL 747 arriving at the same time and my bag was quickly on the baggage belt. Bought a return Air Train ticket to Roma Street station for $24 and checked in to the hotel just over an hour after landing. The domestic terminal for my onward flight to Darwin was very busy with a massive queue for the bag drop off desk. Once through security there were plenty of seats and a reasonable choice of shops and dinning options.

Brisbane Airport review by Tyler Higson

14 June 2007   Customer Rating : 4 Star Rating

Used the Domestic terminal, the Qantas area. Just a quick credit to Qantas as well as BNE airport here, the 'Quick Check' kiosks are very good and there are lots of them. It was very easy and took me 45 seconds to check in. Just a tip, the Bag Drop line can be very long! Security was not an issue. They did there job, I did mine, no one got 'hurt'. I dont see why so many people complain on security when they are doing there job. I have gone through Brisbane a few times, Domestic and International and I have never had a problem with security. Up stairs after security, Plenty of shops, all open (it was 2pm anyway) with your pick of coffees, Subway, Pies also a Newsagent with nearly everything in it for the flight. Toilets were very clean, a credit to the cleaning staff at the airport, everything was clean. But once I had to go up to the concourse to my gate, there was only one little coffee shop with big prices. At those gate areas, it was a large area with a good area to watch the planes take off and land. Im starting to find this airport easier and more comfortable than Sydney in some ways. Anyway, good airport with good, clean facilities.

Brisbane Airport review by Ken Matthews

8 February 2007   Customer Rating : n/a

BNE international. Once my favourite airport. I arrived at the same time as a number of other flights. Not enough immigration officers on duty so 25 min wait. Rude and unpleasant. Luggage collection - another 15 mins. Tried to report missing luggage but no one there anyway. 25 min wait for customs. A long line with Japanese tourists having no idea what to do and being yelled at by immigration staff in English. Nice welcome. Staff in food and drink area told me long waits are normal as are complaints. Will use SYD in future.

Brisbane Airport review by D Walker

7 February 2007

BNE domestic. Getting a bit crowded these days with passengers and looking a bit worn. Last air train during the week/weekend leaves at around 7pm from the city. To bad if you have a later flight. Toilets in the terminal building need some attention. Upstairs in the gate areas the food or lack of it is bad with the mere basics at crazy prices with less choice. No real loungers apart from 2 in the Aromours coffee lounge area.

Brisbane Airport review by R Tolkien

27 October 2006

Note that there are no busses or trains departing Brisbane city for the airport after about 7.00pm. I just found out about this the hard way.

Brisbane Airport review by Tyler Higson

15 October 2006

Just came back from a stay in Japan. I departed and arrived in BNE. Going out, immigration was a breeze and all the shops were open at 6 am but the coffee shop before immigration is way overpriced. Shops after formalities are good. A little overpriced but hey its a airport! Got on the flight easy. Comiming home, the signage was clearly posted. "Transat go to the left, Customs, go to the right" It was time consuming, going through Passport control and customs. After customs and in the arrival hall, not much is on offer. Only Currency exchange and car hire desks. Good little airport but could use a few more shops after arrival!

Brisbane Airport review by Louis Fotinos

12 August 2006

As Brisbane is my home town and I travel extensively for business (mainly domestic) I use the airport a lot. The domestic terminal although a well designed building can be stretched for capacity at peak times. QANTAS check in although automated still lacks enough staff at peak times with the queue winding out the doors. Security checks are very quick and thorough with polite staff. A travelator on the Qantas pier like on the Virgin one is a must. Baggage collection is fairly quick (unlike Melbourne). The International terminal is again stretched at peak times both departing and arriving. Again QANTAS check in is inadequate where even Club check in takes far to long. Security is again fast and efficient but Customs both inbound and outbound seem to be stretched to the limit of their capabilities even with all counters and personel working. Transport to and from BNE is it's biggest downfall. Very farsighted in developing a rail link, but let down by poor frequency, the Airtrain even though very heavily marketed is not an attractive option for frequent travellers. I have used the service many times and it is fast, reliable, comfortable and not too expensive when compared to comparable services in other countries. The only problem is that it ceases operation far to early in the evening for when I'm returning. If you don't make it easy for people to use it they won't! The consequence is the traffic snarls which occur every evening with people waiting for passengers to arrive. Again the airport should consider a "stay in your car" parking area short of the terminals for such use.

Brisbane Airport review by Thomas Beale

20 May 2006

Both domestic and international airports are reasonable in my view for most aspects of travel. Checking in when travelling interstate on business is very fast with the modern machines. The real problem is the airtrain - it is becoming non-existent. The last train is at 19:30 and it seems that the service has been downgraded to about half-hourly even around 6pm, the time I last went out to the airport 2 weeks ago. There are flights coming in way past this time, and the service needs to be every 15 minutes to have any hope of being used. And it is too expensive. In general, the transport situation at Brisbane airport is a complete disaster. Due to the limited usability of the train, most people are still in the mode of being picked up or dropped by family members, to avoid the huge taxi fares, especially from the west side (I did it recently - $55). The traffic out there is out of control. This is a joke - no other modern city I have been to in recent years in Australia, western Europe and even the US has such poor transport options from its major airport. Sydney, Berlin, Atlanta, Amsterdam, Heathrow, Paris, Lyon, Seville, Hong Kong, Singapore, Narita, and many others all have excellent public transport to the airport. What is wrong with Brisbane?

Brisbane Airport review by Anil Kattula

18 April 2006

Used Qantas domestic terminal for arrival and departure in March. Arrival was good but why are there no moving walkways in the Qantas pier? They are in the Virgin pier and have been since the days of Ansett! Also signage airside to indicate way to baggage claim is not clear. Departure excellent using new Qantas self check in. Staff friendly and assisted when had minor problem -apparently I wasn't touching screen hard enough! Security strict but very polite. Ran explosive material detector over our twin stroller!. Two new food courts airside good.

Brisbane Airport review by Steve Conroy

18 April 2006

It is very spacious, clean and tidy, and accomodates crowds very well in the check-in area and departure gates. Airside Shopping has improved significantly since it opened in 1995. On the down side, queues for customs and immigration on arrival can be long, and Customs and AQIS staff just don't seem to understand that they also have an ambassadorial role to play. However, these problems are hardly unique to Brisbane. I have had far longer lines (and far worse treatment) in Sydney and Melbourne. Ever tried arriving at T4 at LAX in peak time??? In summary - Brisbane International is a clean and spacious airport, and particularly well suited to the frequent business traveller. It also caters well for families with large amounts of baggage. Customs and immigration could use a bit of an attitude change - but what airport is perfect in that regard?

Brisbane Airport review by Melanie Haigh

12 April 2006

As a new resident in Queensland I have not used the international terminal from Brisbane before- what a disappointment. The facilities upon leaving are not what you expect of an international airport - no decent restaurant or bar area. The seating is almost non existent except at the departure gates. The shopping is woeful. The current airport seems to have totally outgrown the obvious traffic of international travellers and needs to be upgraded. Upon arrival its just as bad with the number of immigration desks catering for everyone. I arrived early in the morning when the number of arrivals is heaviest and the lines were huge for both Australian and non Australian passport holders. Its not a good first impression of Australia for those newcomers and makes me wish to still be travelling through Sydney.

Brisbane Airport review by Vijesh Sreedharan

2 November 2005

I have travelled through Brisbane Airport many times, including domestic flights and international flights. Although the last domestic flight arriving in Brisbane is around midnight, there are no shops open to cater to have a bite for the visitors and family who are waiting to receive their loved ones. Also in the international terminal, there are flights leaving around midnight, but none of the shops are open during that time. For eg. there is Singapore Airlines departing almost near midnight, but there wouldn't be anything open after the passenger has checked in and if he wishes to grab a bite before he leaves. Also the Airtrain facility stops at 1930hrs(which is the last train to the city). After that you need to find your own means of transport or catch a cab (which could cost you a fortune if you are staying in the western suburbs). Since they have flights departing till midnight, they could have trains running till then, if not frequent, but at least in frequency of an hour or so.

Brisbane Airport review by Yvonne Kohunui

9 October 2005

Over the years I have frequently travelled from Brisbane to NZ many times. My main concern is the lack of customs staff at the customs counters in the arrivals hall at Brisbane International Airport. On many occasions I have waited two hours to get through to the customs counters. Perhaps customs need to employ more staff to decrease the waiting time for passengers and increase the efficiency of a relatively new airport that promoted a quicker service to passengers when it first opened.


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