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BLANTYRE AIRPORT review : 2 February 2009 : by Wilbert Wolfs

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

Arriving at Blantyre's Chileka airport is a colonial experience. Arriving from Johannesburg, the airplane is taxied in front of the arrival hall. School classes have already been run out to see the big bird landing. The building has a wooden veranda, and there is a special area were people are expected to cheer after the president has landed. The first time I arrived at Chileka, the luggage was simply dropped on the tarmac. The passengers had to fight to get their possessions. Of course quite some passengers did not find any luggage at all, as it had stayed behind in Jo'burg. Immigration is quite impressive with a lot of stamps in passports and on listings. To get out you have to go through a door, then you turn sharply turn left and right. Again left until you bump into the departing passengers and their luggage. Since half a year we have a new arrival hall at our airport.

Blantyre Airport by Duncan Lee

15 July 2004   Customer Rating : n/a

I flew from Blantyre airport a number of years ago and was struck by just how quaint the whole set up was. It is a very basic airport, not far off the common 'tin shack' analogy that comes with most African airports. There is very little to do, and there is just a bar to distract you. The best thing about Blantyre airport is the Duty Free shop. A selection so limited it is almost refreshing: Malawi Gin, Whisky (JW), Cane spirit, macadamia nuts, coffee and nick nacks. I bought to 60W light bulbs that had been turned into paraffin lamps. Wonderful.




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