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BILLUND AIRPORT customer review :  3 September 2013 by Eveline Lau    (Hong Kong)

Rating : 3/10





Travelled from HKG to FRA then to Billund for a business trip. A tiny airport with insufficient facilities. A serious lack of staff, while they were not helpful at all already. Self check-in machines available, but not enough assistance at all. Medium length queues, but moving very slowly.

BILLUND AIRPORT review : 18 September 2009 : by Christian Britten

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

Billund is an excellent airport with good facilities, practical layout and friendly and efficient staff. My only gripe is the airport bus, which is extortionate (DKK180 to Aarhus) and runs at often perplexing times that seem to have no correlation to when major flights are landing. I've travelled here every other month from various UK airports for about 2 years and sometimes have to wait up to 2 hours to get away. As the airport is far from where most foreign travellers want to be (unless they really like Lego), you often have little option but to wait for the bus or pay even more for a taxi.

BILLUND AIRPORT review : 19 February 2009 : by Claus Nielsen

Customer Rating : 5/5

5 Star Rating

My favourite airport. Fast, efficient and very pleasant. Easy to get to, easy to navigate, check-in and security is always fast and friendly, and the lounge above Security is great. Extremely roomy and classy, great for work or relaxation, even offers open smoker's cabins that don't feel like a cage - and a chess game for those with plenty of time. Almost everywhere in the airport can you overlook the runway, and the whole place is just modern, roomy and open. The airport size is an advantage without doubt - the distances between parking, check-in, security, lounge, gate and flight are minimal, so getting in and out is always a pleasure. Much better than Copenhagen in almost all aspects.

BILLUND AIRPORT review : 22 July 2008 : by Elena Kozlova

Customer Rating : 5/5

5 Star Rating

A great airport, fantastic staff. Much better than Copenhagen.

BILLUND AIRPORT review : 5 July 2008 : by Janne Petersson

Customer Rating : 5/5

5 Star Rating

This is a fantastic airport. Short walking distances, nice staff, good easy-to-navigate, easy-to-use layout, a stress-free atmosphere, nice cafés. I used Billund as a transit passenger on my way from Copenhagen to Berlin and my only minor remark is that the TRANSIT signs just pointed to a locked door. I had to walk back, exit and go through security again. Never mind, there was no queue and I doubt the locked door is standard procedure since the security folks got a little bit puzzled when they saw my Copenhagen-issued boarding pass. Don't hesitate to use this airport.

BILLUND AIRPORT review : 21 May 2008 : by Hanne Eeg Jensen

Customer Rating : 5/5

5 Star Rating

Arrival: Nice short walking distance to baggage claim. Fast baggage delivery. Comfortable smokers lounge next to baggage claim. Relaxed atmosphere; but still very efficient operation. Car rental easy to find - so is the carpark for rented cars. Departure: Easy car return. Clean, cheap airport hotel "fit for purpose". Several breakfast options in the check-in hall. Easy and friendly check-in. So is security check. I got a feeling that they had though about everything in this airport - and that maybe that is the reason why everything worked so efficiently, the staff had energy to smile and the atmosphere is so relaxed.

Billund Airport by J Morgan

27 March 2008   Customer Rating : 5 Star Rating

A great airport. No hassle, no queues, calm atmosphere, relaxed and stress free.


Billund Airport by P C Ehrling

6 May 2004   Customer Rating : n/a

Billund is a stellar airport, now to put it simply. It appears that not too many travellers are aware of the magnificent services offered at this airport. When recently travelling through BLL en route to Paris, I was amazed by the design and atmosphere. BLL is chockers with beautiful details, such as great furniture and airy Danish design gimmicks. Check in for my Maersk Air / AF flight was a breeze, staff was friendly and immaculately groomed, and the time spent from check in until I was onboard the new 737 was very pleasant - there are great shops and cafés and a good view to the many planes which you reach via airbridges. Would almost say that BLL is even better than its big brother in Copenhagen.




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