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Bangkok Don Muang Airport
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Bangkok Don Muang Airport customer review :  19 May 2015 by N Sutherland    (UK)

Rating : 5/10





In Departures bit of a messy check-in on Air Asia, disorganised queuing, plenty queue jumping going on and nobody doing anything about it. Immigration was pretty quick and airside has plenty shopping and eating options though like BKK, not especially cheap. Arrivals was a bit of a hike to Immigration but reasonable queue time and not much waiting for luggage. Taxi queuing times were probably the worst part of the experience (30 mins in mid afternoon), but maybe I just hit a bad time.

Bangkok Don Muang Airport customer review :  20 November 2014 by D Jackson    (UK)

Rating : 6/10





Yes, it's a bit tatty and some of the signs are slightly confusing. There are a good selection of shops and cafes although the restaurant selection is much worse than the new BKK.

Bangkok Don Muang Airport customer review :  9 October 2014 by Mark Thompson    (Australia)

Rating : 8/10





We travelled through Don Muang several times in September both domestic and international. Check in at Air Asia can be hectic early morning but airport staff open up additional check in kiosks, immigration took an average 5 minutes so long as you had filled in and signed your departure slip. Baggage pick up again very efficient within 5 minutes of arriving at the carrousel the flights bags were arriving. Plenty of fast food outlets, coffee shops, duty free, seating at the gate is adequate, public announcements in English, there are smoking rooms after immigration for those with a craving. Taxis have a 50Baht extra charge but you have a guarantee that the meter will be used , trains station is close by and a bus at 35 baht will take you to the nearest MRT. Its an older airport which shows in certain areas but not the worst in the world.

Bangkok Don Muang Airport customer review :  4 December 2013 by Ronald Smith    (Cyprus)

Rating : 0/10





While the airport was clean and staff friendly and ease through to gate simple there were no indoor smoking area at all. I had to go all the way back through the check-ins to nearest smoking are, outside where there were no facilities, food drink or airport information. This is a great shame that the air port treat it's customer with such contempt. The main airport although poor does have handy smoke rooms to stop. If you really care about customer service you to think about all your customers.

Bangkok Don Muang Airport customer review :  10 October 2013 by Mark Wilkins    (UK)

Rating : 10/10





Using the airport for domestic travel I found it to be excellent. Check-in at Air Asia was done within 5 minutes, no queues at security and unusually for an airport a very good selection of eateries and shops airside with non- inflated prices. There's even a 7-11 selling the usual fair for those wanting a cheap snack or drink. The only downside was the bussing in on the return flight from Phuket despite a lot of free airbridges, and a subsequent wait of 20 minutes for the bags to arrive.

Bangkok Don Muang Airport customer review :  28 August 2013 by A McNicol    (Australia)

Rating : 8/10





It was like visiting an old friend again! The check-in area was a little tatty and run down but once through immigration it opened up to plenty of space, good seating and runway views. Sufficient choice of restaurants and services and very quiet compared to BKK. Very little queue time and small distances to travel compared to a far gate at BKK. Well recommended for ease of access and ease of usage.

Bangkok Don Muang Airport customer review :  27 May 2013 by P Nunn    (UK)

Rating : 9/10





Huge airport, not a lot of flights, its a joy to use. Only downside was bussed to the plane on departure, found that odd with so many empty stands with jetways. Flew out to Singapore with TAA and back in from Phuket with TAA. No lines for check in, passport control or security. Lots of seating both air and land side. Good selection of shops and places to eat on international departures. All in all I look forward to the next time I can use this airport.

Bangkok Don Muang Airport customer review :  21 March 2013 by James Halley    (Thailand)

Rating : 10/10





Had to fly into DMK with Thai Air Asia. This was like visiting an old friend. In the old days DMK always functioned well unlike its new big brother. Now its even better. The domestic area had plenty of fast food eating options at prices better than BKK. Plenty of seating in gate area. Really pleased with what they have done in refurbishing DMK. Now bus connection to Mo Chit BTS station and also shuttles to BKK airport.

Bangkok Don Muang Airport customer review :  19 March 2013 by Indranil Chakrabarty    (Australia)

Rating : 8/10





Found recent comments on Don Muang very interesting. Used this airport many times in the past, when I lived in Bangkok and this was the only airport in town. Back then, late night departures were unpleasant. At least a dozen 747s left between 11pm and 1 am. The departure area was packed to capacity. Some staff were stressed to the limit, and consequently foul tempered. Immigration staff were rude too!! The airport was a shame. All that seems to have changed for the better. The airport went through an expansion plan in the 80s and grew to be a thoroughly modern airport. Still it couldn't keep pace with traffic growth, and overcrowding persisted. The international departures area was great. Great food, superb view of the tarmac, excellent shopping. Don Muang to its credit never slipped. Just about every airline flew to BKK. I will fly to Suvarnabhumi and will probably never get to see Don Muang again.

Bangkok Don Muang Airport customer review :  3 December 2012 by N Sutherland    (UK)

Rating : 8/10





Good to see this airport back in operation. Security was quick and efficient. Check-in on Air Asia was a matter of a few minutes. Plenty shops and eating places both landside and airside. Obviously the airport is huge for the volume of passengers going though it. The worst parts were the somewhat lengthy walks to and from gates and the lengthy and poorly organised Taxi queues which were always a problem with this airport before. Overall a good move for the budget carriers who are using Don Muang and a good service for the passengers.

Bangkok Don Muang Airport customer review :  21 November 2012 by A Snelling    (USA)

Rating : 9/10





Used DMK twice and was impressed. DMK is light and spacious and has room for growth. Toilets are clean throughout, and several food options exist. It's a standard 300 baht or so to get there from the centre of Bangkok. Hopefully ground transport options from DMK to other parts of Thailand will grow. Otherwise we really liked this place.

Bangkok Don Muang Airport customer review :  28 October 2012 by Bob Kimmings    (Australia)

Rating : 8/10





A 350 baht taxi ride from Suvarnabhumi, but found the free shuttle bus for the return trip. Check in, immigration etc was well organised. Airside was clean and fresh. Plenty of seating and not too many shops. Nice airport.

Bangkok Don Muang Airport review by James Halley

3 June 2008   Customer Rating : 4 Star Rating

I use Don Muang whenever possible although Thai keeps playing with their timetable. The central air terminal at lat phrao station is a real plus as nobody uses it! A sign in the subway telling you which exit to take would be useful! The downside is the baggage check on the Bangkok subway. They insist on opening your suitcase but never actually rummage around inside. Check-in at the terminal is swift and Thai staff take care of the bags once you arrive at Don Muang, as its already tagged and security sealed on check-in at the terminal. You can now eat airside. Burger king has returned to the departure area. Its either that or get a gold card and use THAI business lounge. If Bangkok is your destination, then Don Muang is streaks ahead of the new airport

Bangkok Don Muang Airport review by Ch Kraisorn

28 February 2008   Customer Rating : 5 Star Rating

The best thing of the reopened domestic airport Don Mueang (DMK) is the vicinity to the city of Bangkok. An improved service was provided by THAI at its City Air Terminal at the Metro Station “Lad Phrao” with check-in facility including free shuttle bus to and from the airport. Besides these, nothing was changed! It remains an old small nice domestic terminal. Arrive there, check-in, go through security check, wait just a few minutes at the gate, and then take off! On the way back, after docking at the gate, walk down to the luggage area, always only after few minutes you will have your luggage, and then ready for Bangkok. Frankly, regarding to the departure and arrival procedures, the airport fulfils its function, hence, a five-star-airport.

Bangkok Don Muang Airport review by H Bachert

4 May 2007   Customer Rating : 2 Star Rating

Used Don Muang twice since its reopening for domestic routes. Couldn't detect any signs of change or improvement over recent years. It's basically just the old domestic terminal with the same ensemble of 2-3 food outlets and a souvenir shop it always had. Check in procedure as usual with the good old x-ray machine for the bigger luggage in front of the check-in area. After security check there's nothing but rows and rows of chairs and a toilet. Transfer from Suvarnabumi is chaotic and can take hours, depending on time of day and traffic situation. All in all a place that should have better remained closed once and for all.

Bangkok Don Muang Airport review by Jacob Pfleger

28 April 2007   Customer Rating : 1 Star Rating

Flew from Don Muang to Phuket in mid April, very uninviting and old airport, if they are going to be using this airport for long term domestic operations then it needs a facelift. Also note there are absolutely no shops whatsoever after the security check just the gates and toilets.

Bangkok Don Muang Airport review by Paul Bruthiaux

24 May 2006   Customer Rating : n/a

One of the best kept secrets about BKK Don Muang is the inexpensive food court at the far end of Terminal 2. Start one level up from the lowest arrivals level. Go as far as you can to the southern end of Terminal 2 in the general direction of the Domestic Terminal. Walk past the bookstore on the right and around the 7-11. At the start of the long elevated "tube" that leads to the Domestic Terminal, you'll see it on the right. It's clearly signed. If you find yourself looking at parked cars instead of the "tube," you are in the right spot but on the wrong level. The place is used mostly by Thai airport workers plus a few savvy travelers. It serves a wide range of Thai food, so some (though not all) of the food is spice. It uses a coupon system in increments of 5 baht. Buy coupons before you choose your food, drink, etc. You can eat very well for 30-35 baht. And it really is delicious. A wonderful place if you just arrived and you need a meal before heading for town, or if you are catching a no-frills flight that doesn't serve food. I hope they are planning something similar at the new airport.

Bangkok Don Muang Airport review by J P Tuggener
18 May 2006

I agree with Derek Moore, regarding the Taxi situtation on the departure level. Me, as a fluent Thai speaker and resident who flies into BKK every week, I do take the Taxi's on the upper level, but must make it clear to them where I want to go and make sure they operate the meter correctly (I know the fare home, so they cannot play tricks on me). However I would strongly discourage people who do not know BKK and who do not speak Thai to take a cab there, especially not at night and its needless to say that women should avoid this at all costs. As a matter of fact, most crimes against foreigners in Thailand are committed during the Taxi rides to and from the airport.

Bangkok Don Muang Airport review by Justin Burton
9 May 2006

Reading some of these reviews on Bangkok airport, I would like to say that the Taxi booth at arrivals is spot on, all very safe and cheap too, pay your Baht 300 in my case and thats it. Bad points, very few lifts in T1 T2 and when you do find one watch the doors they stay open for about 3 seconds before trying to crush you, which you may then find yourself going up and down floors without even getting out. No need to shop around in all the different duty free stores, as the airport operates a one price system, and other than cigarettes and sprits prices are more expensive than UK duty free. If you fancy a spot out of the way, drinks food etc try the little bar upstairs near Burger king, they have a outside area too, nice at 6am a bit warm at 3pm, just be careful about leaving un-checked baggage outside, as its not visible.

Bangkok Don Muang Airport review by Derek Moore
30 April 2006

People recently recommending that it pays to go to departures to pick up a taxi are missing the point. The 'official' taxi desks outside T's 1 & 2 incur a surcharge of thb50 which is less than 1 sterling, just over $1 US. The fare downtown, on the meter, will then be less than a further thb200 or so. Work it out ! Compare that with LHR, CDG, JFK or the like ! The desk staff record the taxi number and destination so this acts as a security check and deterrent for the driver to not try any tricks. The drivers dropping off upstairs are unregulated and are more likely to refuse to operate the meter and/or to try any of the well known scams some of these guys get up to. Every year people are robbed or worse by airport taxi drivers and whilst I do not imagine that any statistics exist to prove my point my bet is that it will be the unregulated ones who are doing the majority of the offending. The departures option is probably okay for regulars who know where they are going and who can speak a little of the language or for two or more men travelling together but I would not recommend inexperienced visitors, especially singles - and certainly not single women - to go this route.

Bangkok Don Muang Airport review by Jay Birney
28 April 2006

I've also used Don Muang airport several times. Although it's not as pleasant as some other newly opened international airports around the world but I found it fairly convenient. For the airport tax, I think most people misunderstand the way it works. If my understanding is correct, the Bkk airport tax is not included in the ticket price as other airports do. Which means if you make a connection flight within the airport and don't pass through the immigration you are not paying airport tax at all. Therefore, most people feel like they have to pay as much as THB500 upon passing the departure immigration check. I suggest you all ask for the breakdown of taxes upon the purchase of your air ticket, instead of getting frustrated with this kind of arrangement. I'm sure that many other airports also work this way.

Bangkok Don Muang Airport review by John Dunlop
26 April 2006

Travel tip for BKK. Don't wait for a taxi with all the other arriving passengers, just walk (or get lift) up to departures (1 floor directly above) and hail a taxi that has dropped off departing passengers. It will save time and you won't get hassled by touts while you are waiting. Also I have found that they will treat you like a local and go off the meter (negotiated fares are almost always more than the meter).

Bangkok Don Muang Airport review by Masaki Oda
30 March 2006

Bangkok airport has been improved for the past few years. However, because of the layout of the terminal, it is not a friendly airport for some transfer/transit passengers. I recently flew on a SQ flight from SIN to KIX with a stop at BKK with two small children. We had only 45 minutes stopover in BKK late at night but we were asked to get off the plane with all our belongings, walk around 500m, go up the stairs, go throgh the security, and walk 500m again to go back to the same gate (and the boarding has already started). I understand the importance of security, but the airport should be a little more family friendly, for example, not closing the stairways closer to the gate in order to go upstairs for security. Other than that, it is a quite good airport.

Bangkok Don Muang Airport review by R Shea
19 February 2006

Flown into and out of Bangkok Don Muang Airport a couple of times. It's fast and efficient with queing/waiting times for luggage/check in minimal in both directions. It's not to hot to look at, but with it's age is expected. Landing and going through the international arrivals exits is a bit overwhelming with some very pushy people trying to push you into there taxis/tours or to other less scrupulous places, but if you keep your head down and act as if you know where your going you can generally get through. One tip, it's relatively tiny considering, but the airport does make a small charge on top of the usual taxi fare for hiring a cab from the taxi rank at international arrivals, so just go up one floor and pick one up from the hundreds that drop people off every minute at departures - just a couple of floors up in the lifts. Overall the airport is great if your running through it quickly, but not so good if your hanging around for your flight. Airport hotel is ok, but I prefer to stay at the Miracle grand (just 5mins down the expressway and much newer/nicer) or the Sofitel Central Plaza to do shopping at the same time.

Bangkok Don Muang Airport review by Mark Thomson
19 January 2006

Flew in and out of T2 at BKK in the past week. Baggage retrieval and immigration was fast on arrival and we were out of there in no time. We found security checks on departure to be tighter and more in number than in other airports we departed from during our holiday (CNS, SIN, LHR, AMS, SYD) but we had no problems with this and all done by staff with a pleasant and efficient approach. A metered taxi between the airport and our hotel in Siam Square cost approx USD$8, an easy and inexpensive option. Yes, the opening of the new airport later this year appears timely, but for the present Don Muang has all the facilities, retail and food outlets one expects to see at an international airport terminal. It serves its purpose. The Thai people are generally pleasant people to deal with and we found travelling in and out of BKK to be a relatively painless experience.

Bangkok Don Muang Airport review by K Lawrence
13 January 2006

Arrived Bangkok Don Muang Airport from Dubai, with a connecting flight to Krabi, and returned a few days later. Be warned that if you have just arrived on an international flight, and need to connect up to a domestic one, you are in for quite a walk. Terminal 1 has no aesthetics - tt does the basics of the job, and that's it. The bizarre departure tax requirement was a bit surprising. I found the toilets to be exceptionally clean, and shops are ok for souvenirs. Overall, not a great airport, but then again, not amongst the worst either. Anja Lieder's remarks are, in my opinion, more accurate- especially pertaining to customer service and helpfulness.

Bangkok Don Muang Airport review by Richard Hatton
8 November 2005

Flew out of T2 in the early hours of 5th November. Found it to be a pleasant experience and not too busy at that time of night. Clean & tidy. Didn't appreciate the over pushy duty free sales assistants. Is every shop King Power? Maybe the new airport will offer more duty free choice.

Bangkok Don Muang Airport review by Ian Norris
12 October 2005

It's all been said before but BKK needs a massive refit and the new airport can't come quick enough. The worst thing is the complete lack of seating if you can't get into an airline lounge. When the flights depart in the evening and very early morning the airport is crammed with people and you can't even sit down!

Bangkok Don Muang Airport review by Simon Uglow
13 September 2005

Bangkok Don Muang Airport - A tip if you are transferring from International to Domestic or vice versa : look out for the Club Car guys, who will take you on the internal tunnel bridge on a golf buggy for a small tip. It is over half a kilometre, which doesn't sound far, but the tunnel is not air conditioned! Thai Domestic Lounge leaves a lot to be desired, food is dire, and drinks aren't that cold - seems to be used by the motorcycle police on duty at the airport! Louis Tavern CIP Lounge was acceptable in International Term 2, although had a fight with the girl on the door to accept my Priority Pass, even though they had one stuck on the door!

Bangkok Don Muang Airport review by Geoffrey McNab
31 August 2005

A tip for anyone having to spend some hours landside at this airport. If hungry go to Terminal Two and find the mezzanine level at the far end where there is a covered walkway linking this terminal with the domestic terminal. Just at the star is a 7/Eleven supermarket and just round the corner, along the way to the domestic terminal, is the food court used by the airport staff and airline crews. Excellent food at a fraction of the cost of the eating outlets in the terminals. No-one seems to mind passengers using this facility if they know about it!

Bangkok Don Muang Airport review by Steve Fenton
4 July 2005

Duty free prices no t as attractive as they once used to be. I have found many items a lot more expensive here. People always really nice and the Thai lounges are amongst the best in the world. I really enjoy flying Bangkok Airways as well as these people are just so friendly and nice. They have a cute little lounge open to anyone flying them. Lounges to avoid, KLM, Air France, EVA, China Airlines, LH is OK if you need a shower but thats about all.

Bangkok Don Muang Airport review by Norman Sutherland

4 June 2005

Went through BKK a couple of times last month. Both Arrivals and Departures were fine, though long walks for both, and boarding could have been better organized. Security was courteous and efficient. Baggage wasn't too bad. The Thai Business Lounge was spacious and comfortable. Didn't bother with the Duty Free or Banks. The worst bit? - the Taxi queue outside Arrivals on a Sunday afternoon... On departure I booked a car from the City - not much difference in price. Overall a pretty good airport considering it's age, and not the hassle I'd expected.

Bangkok Don Muang Airport review by Roger Mathastein

8 March 2005

Recently travelled from Heathrow to Thailand for the first time on holiday. Bangkok Don Muang Airport, absolutely fine, plenty of space, well laid out, plenty of seats. I understand a new airport is being built. Can we have the old one please?

Bangkok Don Muang Airport review by Alasdair Brooks

7 March 2005

I semi-regularly transit through Bangkok on my way to and from Melbourne and Europe. The new airport is well overdue as Don Muang is getting a little tired around the edges. I stress that the overwhelming majority of airport staff are helpful and friendly (though the duty free hawkers are on the above-average side of pushy), and I've never had a problem with immigration or customs whether entering or leaving. But I find that there's precious little to occupy your time compared to other SE Asian airports - something that's an important consideration when you're stuck there on transit for a few hours. Ultimately, it's not so much that there's anything wrong with Don Muang, as it is that the airport's time has come, and the new airport is overdue.

Bangkok Don Muang Airport review by M Devor

6 October 2004

We did a 3 hour layover at BKK from Singapore to HK in which time we did a marathon tour of the airport. Arrivals is sort of chaotic and I was surprised to be hassled by taxi touts in the baggage reclaim area. Terminal 2 departures and all airside areas are quite nice. They have so many lounges and excellent shopping. There are also good areas for taking photos of the many interesting planes. I didn't care for our brief visit to Terminal 1. It is old and hectic. We never made it to the domestic terminal, too long of a walk. We were at the Qantas lounge when the power went out. They had minimum emergency lighting and the water in the WC went as well. The handle on the sink fell off, ok. Interesting experience but it helped us to move on. Louis Tavern Lounge is quite nice with several individual areas of nice couches and your own tv with plenty of good snacks and drinks.

Bangkok Don Muang Airport review by Elden Chamberlain

18 May 2004

I use BKK airport at least twice every month and find it very efficient. What surprises me is that even though the airport is closing next year (with the opening of the new airport) there is still renovation and improvements being made to the terminal. I actually find the layout, decor and range of shops boring but it all works incredibly efficiently and you are usually in and out in a very short time. In the past 2 years and over 100 trips via BKK airport I have always found the staff to be friendly and efficient even on those few occasions like Songkran, when the airport is a mad house. I am looking forward to the opening of the new airport which should combine the current efficiency with attractive surroundings.

Bangkok Don Muang Airport review by Hugues Martel

15 April 2004

I find Don Muang a nice airport to travel too or transit and in particular since the terminals have been upgraded. Facilities are excellent, staff very friendly. Immigration is generally fast and efficient. The terminal building is more lively than other airports like Singapore Changi airport which can be really boring. Personally I don't see any problem having to pay the 500 THB tax at the airport. It is well advertised in all tourist guides - then I don't understand why people make so much noise about it.

Bangkok Don Muang Airport review by I Chakrabarty

26 March 2004

Louis Tavern at Bangkok Don Muang Airport is indeed a dump. Not representative of the excellent service Bangkok Don Muang Airport or Krungthep Mahanakorn (Bangkok City) offers to travellers. Thai would do well to pour concrete and seal that rat hole. The good people manning the desk at Louis tavern asked for a Baht 1500 security deposit ( though Thai in Sydney had reserved my room ). That aside Bangkok Don Muang Airport is rather pleasant and lively , good food , shopping and great views.

Bangkok Don Muang Airport review by Tim Douglas

7 March 2004

In response to J Bruneel, not all airports include the charges in tickets. For example, Manila NAIA, Jakarta, Denpasar and the list goes on. It is a matter of local arrangement. The companies who run airports and the airlines in Asia most of time have no relationships. That's why they have to deal with taxes differently from other countries especially in Europe and N. America.

Bangkok Don Muang Airport review by Michael Saxby

3 March 2004

I would be very interested in learning how Dieter Riehl, "Bangkok Don Muang Airport" (14/2/04) defines, as he puts it; "civilised countries". I have always found the facilities at Don Muang excellent. Nonsense about distances to walk to terminals, time taken etc. only undermine his opinion further.

Bangkok Don Muang Airport review by J Bruneel

20 February 2004

I know it has been mentioned before, but paying the airport tax just before going through immigration is just idiotic. All airports charge this tax, it is just that they collect via the price of the ticket. I wish the Thais would do the same. It is just another hassle that could easily be avoided. Now I have to remember my tickets, passports, and a crisp 500 baht note to slip into the machine.

Bangkok Don Muang Airport review by Dieter Riehl

14 February 2004

In general the facilities at BKK are OK and the staff is friendly. The way to downtown may be a hassle, but that's a problem of the city, not of the airport. But there are two major drawbacks - It is impossible to proceed directly from a domestic to an international flight and - what for do I have to pay 500 BHT "service charge" for service which is not better than on other airports but free of charge in civilised countries? This is just a rip off which gives a bad end to a trip in an enjoyable country.

Bangkok Don Muang Airport review by Sawet Leelanukij

4 February 2004

As a Thai and having flown out from BKK airport more than 20 times in the past 3 years I don't think I ever saw anyone or any officer treat foreigner like Anja Lieder said. All passengers at any airport in the world are supposed to pay airport tax and don't have enough cash to pay is yr personal problem you have to deal with - and as Mr.Marino said ATM machines are all around if you have enough positive thinking to have an eye for. One have to pay USD3 for trolley at LAX while BKK offers it for free!

Bangkok Don Muang Airport review by Nico Marino

19 December 2003

Regarding the message of Anja Lieder : the 500 Bath airport tax is not an unexpected event ! Every guidebook and every travel agent not to mention the airlines tell you all about it before you leave. 500 Bath is around 10 Euros, cheaper than most European Airports and BKK is a far nicer airport than CDG for example... There are several ATM and cash machines in both terminals so I'm not sure what the problem was for Mrs Anja Lieder as she says she had credit cards. Regarding lost bags and check in problems, this is usually a matter one deals with the airline, not the airport. If Mrs Anja Lieder really thinks that "Thai friendliness only seems to happen upon you when you hand over cash or meet people outside the tourist business"...well what can one say... I've been a regular traveler to Thailand and I've always been happy with BKK airport

Bangkok Don Muang Airport review by Anja Lieder

4 December 2003

Bangkok airport is okay if one's journey is trouble-free, but its a nightmare otherwise. Having no cash left to pay the 'service charge' of 500 Baht (for which service?) they would not accept credit card payment and staff was very unhelpful (We cannot help you. Contact the bank - but I have done so already!- Contact the airline - done that, too. - We cannot help you, then. - That means, do I need to stay here?- Yes, we cannot help you. ) and downright rude. The legendary Thai friendliness only seems to happen upon you when you hand over cash or meet people outside the tourist business. Also, my flight was about two hours late, and ground staff new nothing at all on when the flight would leave etc. Also, they lost my bags, apparently because a tag had fallen off - something they claimed was not their fault. So, I probably got bags too slippery for their tags. This airport really puts one off from travelling to Thailand.

Bangkok Don Muang Airport review by C Gibson

20 October 2003

Transited overnight at BKK on the way to Hong Kong. Thai Airways supplied overnight accommodation, which I thought would be a nice bonus. However, after staying in that 'transit' hotel, I would certainly suggest paying extra for a hotel outside or flying via another airport. Quite simply, the Louis' Tavern Dayrooms is a madhouse, and after 10 hours I was verging on insanity. The rooms themselves are basic (no complaints there), but the common bathroom facilities are appalling without hot water and very dirty. Even worse, noise is constant from the airport announcements all night and there was endless shouting and door slamming at odd hours. I hardly slept. My advice for fellow travellers is to avoid this 'hotel' at all costs!  BKK airport generally was not bad, but the staff are unfriendly and it seemed a terribly dreary place to transit. It seemed odd also to permit migrant workers to set up 'camp' in the terminal, there were at least 50+ of them with bedrolls on the floor in one area. I look forward to the new airport being opened!

Bangkok Don Muang Airport review by Xuess Wee

8 October 2003

Terminal 2 is certainly an improvement from Terminal 1. Pretty modern and big, it looked a little out-of-place with its sibling next door. It's BKK ways of catching up with KL's and Singapore's airports I guess. Renovations were going on while I was checking in. As usual, customs at the Arrival Hall is terrible, with queues at every counter and there are these pillars that blocked your view to see if other counters are available. Checking in for Departure was a hassle again, as the staff were busy catering to both tour group and independent travellers. But I certainly like the new waiting area in T2 in BKK - cool, bright and comfortable. The travelators are clean as well - my hand turned black from using a travellator in T1 once before!

Bangkok Don Muang Airport review by Hugo Duran

28 September 2003

We arrive and depart quite regularly from this airport since 1993. I must say that during the years a great improvement is achieved to make the place inviting for every one. The overall interior decoration is splendid compared with the old days as well as the tax-free shops, which are a treat for the eyes but not for your purse. What we wonder is that despite the long distances your have to walk to the gates or at arrival to the customs, there are no rolling transport belts. And we always wonder why it is always so hectic at the check-in counters in the departure hall.

Bangkok Don Muang Airport review by Kurt Mueller

2 September 2003

In response to Chris Beer's comment about airport taxes, the sad fact is that the many items shown on his ticket do not even include the Passenger Service Charge levied by the Airports Authority of Thailand. That is Bt500 and is payable in cash before passport control. I don't know why it can't simply be levied from the airlines and charged via the flight ticket.

Bangkok Don Muang Airport review by Chris Beer

1 September 2003

Does anyone know how these damn airport tax's are calculated? I have just bought a return from London to Bangkok and my ticket shows 3 separate costs which all add up to 35.50 ! Try as I might I can't find any info on how this is worked out. It just leaves me thinking once again we the public are being ripped off by the authorities.

Bangkok Don Muang Airport review by Adam Potrykus

26 June 2003

Bangkok Don Muang Airport is being renovated. The news is that more duty free shops are offered, the airport becomes brighter and the air conditioning actually works from the second you disembark. Bangkok host MANY different business and first class lounges, if you have a GOLD card in any Star Alliance airline, you have the right to use any of them (Lufthansa's lounge has the best refreshments) The check in is usually swiftly done and as a business class passenger /gold card holder you have a express track trhough customs. The biggest hassle is the AIRPORT TAX that has to be paid prior to take off. It can be done by using vending machines or at a counter. The gate areas are becoming more people friendly. More wide screen TV's have been installed to killed the pre-flight minutes and new flight info screens are installed. There is still a lot of work to be done, its far away from perfect. Singapore is still light years ahead, but it looks promising.

Bangkok Don Muang Airport review by R Pickering

8 April 2003

The speed of immigration is great. Having used BKK four times over the past 6 months this is definitely the best feature. Also, taxis are always readily available on exit from the arrivals hall and well organised. While having access to the fantastic new Qantas lounge while flying Qantas is a bonus, I recently flew a Star Alliance airline and so waited for my flight in the general airport (around 10am). No takeaway coffee; the one coffee station I found only served it in ceramic mugs (with no seating); the airport restaurant would put anyone off eating food; sushi and sandwiches from a take-out vendor were the only things that looked edible and the available seating was all used; the bar (which may have served coffee was full of cigarette smokers) and I could not find anyone selling english language newspapers. The view of the runways while waiting for my flight was superb and given there was little else to do in the industrial beige surroundings this was appreciated.

Bangkok Don Muang Airport review by Philip Cato

25 March 2003

The major drawback of BKK is that you might have to walk a considerable distance from check-in to departure gate, as the airline check-in desks are in either Terminal 1 or Terminal 2, but aircraft dock at any gate. So you check in for a TG flight in Terminal 1, but have to walk all the way to, say, Gate 55, which is actually part of Terminal 2.

Bangkok Don Muang Airport review by Kurt Mueller

18 December 2002

I use Bangkok International Airport 3 to 4 times per month and given that this facility handles more passengers per year than Singapore Changi, I'm surprised that there has not been a review published yet. Pending the opening of the new Suvarnabhumi airport, travellers will be using the current airport at Don Muang for another few years. It's one of Asia's largest air hubs in terms of passengers - and at peak hours during the later evening, the main concourse and some of the security areas prior to the gates can be crowded. Most of the day, though, passenger levels are such that you feel neither deserted in the building (as in HKG or SIN) or overwhelmed by the number of fellow travellers. Unfortunately, the airport is based on a linear layout, which makes for long walking distances to some of the gates (notably those beyond 20 on the one side and 40 on the other side). Another long walk is the one from T1 to the domestic terminal. Notwithstanding the ongoing construction of a new airport, Don Muang is still carrying out extensive upgrading; all piers are being renovated with a view to doing away with closed-off gate waiting areas in favour of an open-plan arrangement. The lounges available to Star Alliance passengers can vary quite widely in their level of appointment and decor; however, given the expanse of the main concourse, it's a definite plus that Thai offer a number of lounges to choose from, so you can move close to your take-off gate and enjoy lounge comfort without having a long walk ahead of you to get to your plane. Landside, I like the spacious drive-up; the guards on duty there will usually allow you to park for a couple of minutes - enough time to check in and say your farewells before going airside. One constant source of irritation is that passenger have to buy Airport Tax coupons (Bht 500) before entering passport control. Why virtually all airports in the free world can levy this via flight tickets yet Bangkok Don Muang Airport cannot is beyond me, particularly as the machines set up to dispense the airport tax coupons have problems accepting new notes with metallic strips. Arrivals are usually smooth, too. When lines in front of immigration counters begin to expand in length, officers are usually responsive and open additional desks. Additionally, as T1 and T2 are side-by-side, any congestion in the one terminal can be avoided by walking to the other (as long as you have only hand baggage - otherwise you'd have to return to the terminal where your checked baggage is delivered). Considering the fantasy exchange rates and/or rip-off commissions charged by money changers at other airports, one aspect about Bangkok Don Muang Airport that cannot be praised enough is the abundance of exchange facilities (both manned counters and, more recently, machines) that offer attractive bank rates.




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