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Kota Kinabalu Airport
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KOTA KINABALU AIRPORT customer review :  28 October 2014 by Farouk Mogheth    (Thailand)

Rating : 8/10





Relatively a modern mid sized airport located quite near the city. Arrivals and departures were fast and hassle free with polite immigration. Several food venues with OK prices and a gift shop and as usual selling post cards but never the stamps! Even if the city is very close by, taxis still charge 30-50MYR for the ride which is 16USD, which I find rather high seeing that I pay the 30MYR equivalent when I return to Bangkok to the city. The former's distance is less than 8km and the latter is around 40km including tolls!

KOTA KINABALU AIRPORT customer review :  1 June 2012 by Michael Lau    (Australia)

Rating : 2/10





Arrived at the BKI low cost terminal from Taipei via AirAsia and took a cab that charged RM30 from the low cost terminal to the main terminal (i.e. terminal 1) to catch MASwing domestic flight to SBW. To be fair, the main terminal was far better than the low cost terminal as it was quieter and more spacious. The big lacking of this terminal was that the air conditioning did not seem to function properly causing the whole airport to be humid, hot and uncomfortable. The departure hall was almost empty with very limited choices of shops and restaurants. My feeling was that this airport was simply under used and should definitely need more to- and-fro flights. The other downside was that the announcement was barely heard and the poor command in languages especially English language did not help at all. Would not recommend this airport for long transit like mine.

KOTA KINABALU AIRPORT review : 18 August 2009 : by Chris Macqueen

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

KKIA has seen a lot of redevelopment lately, which is improving the airport considerably. There two terminals located at opposite ends of the single runway: Terminal 1 for full fare airlines and Terminal 2 for low cost. Terminal 1 is currently being redeveloped into a brand new terminal. Departures, Arrivals and some of the gates are completed. The new building is spacious and light, if a little grey and souless. Check-in, Immigration and Arrivals/Baggage Reclaim processes all seem to work well without significant delays. Shopping is limited but being expanded. Air-side there is free wi-fi at Starbucks but it is slow. Terminal 2 was completed under 3 years ago as a purpose-built low cost terminal. The departure lounge is a bit cramped and crowded during busy spells and catering is limited, but everything else seems to work OK considering it is "no frills".

Kota Kinabalu Airport by Justin Burton

9 May 2006   Customer Rating : n/a

Arrived here first on a Air Asia flight at the end of March on the first leg of a 7 week trip, Arrived at night and walked to the arrivals area, no other flights in but it was really just one big room split in 2 one side immigration the other baggage reclaim, and customs, all a bit crazy, plus they seemed to want every other person to open up there bags for inspection. Departing to Sandakan was a lot better, but this was due to the fact it was a different terminal at the other side of the airport, very swift check in by MAS a few shops around and covered walk ways to the aircraft all in all very good. Returned back here 4 days later for a Air Asia flight to Bangkok, other than this flight went from the terminal at the other side of the airport, this took half an hour to figure out, and no one not even Air Asia staff could tell you how to get from one to another, there is no shuttle bus and it means a taxi out of the airport via the out skirts of the city taking around 15mins. Lots of flights delayed only room for one flight in departures so as a number of flights were delayed it was like a cattle market, open sided holding area next to taxi rank was the place we had to sit as did 400 other people, one small cafe next to the Air Asia office.

Kota Kinabalu Airport by Bill Jones

2 May 2006

Its like going back in a time machine entering BKI. Luggage is xrayed before check in. Check in was very quick. We were dropped by the minibus provided by the tour operator about an hour befor the flight. Had time for a cup of tea. There are about 5 shops airside. Only problem we had was 40 minutes sitting at the end of the runway waiting for the storm to pass before taking off.




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