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BILBAO AIRPORT customer review :  31 July 2013 by Marc Guillemard    (France)

Rating : 7/10





Flew to and from Bilbao. Arrival was quick, plane unloaded by Gateway. The building looks nice, and is clean. The bad surprise was that we had to wait more than 30 minutes to see the first bag on the belt, at a time we were the only plane arriving! I find this unacceptable in big airports, and even more in a small one! Departure went well, 2 coffees / breakfast facilities, everything on time. A pity we got stuck in a bus 20 minutes while the plane was at 3 minutes walk!

BILBAO AIRPORT customer review :  8 August 2012 by Anna Kleinzahler    (UK)

Rating : 7/10





Flew STN-BIO, BIO-STN, modern stylish terminal architecture, some way outside Bilbao, but perhaps the nearest bit of flat land to be found amongst all those hills. No problems on arrival, speedy passport check and luggage quickly up on the belt. Same when leaving, fact luggage drop, and security control. Airport is clean, staff friendly and helpful. Minor gripes: no free wi-fi, no post office to buy stamps, souvenir shop did not have any postcards, food and drink air-side expensive, lifts seem to have a mind of their own, not enough seats on the ground-side. Bilbao well worth a visit even for a day, but certainly a weekend.

BILBAO AIRPORT customer review :  18 June 2012 by C Goulding    (UK)

Rating : 7/10





I agree with some of the post - it is a unwelcoming airport. The seating is really uncomfortable and very few. Sometimes one has to wait quite a while and so need to be able to sit in comfort - these seats are just hard plastic benches. The snack bar is just that. A proper restaurant is sorely needed. Give me the old airport any day. Have not been there for six years but will be doing so in a month's time, in the hope there has been some improvement.

BILBAO AIRPORT customer review :  2 November 2011 by Yevheniy Kahanovych    (Ukraine)

Rating : 9/10





Fast and efficient and looks interesting. On arrival bag was on the belt 5 minutes after flight. On departure there was no line at all to drop bag off, to go through security, to board the plane. When I arrived from London, they forgot to stamp my visa for Spain. On departure they fixed it and were polite and apologetic. Small airport, clean and efficient.

BILBAO AIRPORT customer review : 22 October 2009 : by Dario Castillo

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

Bilbao Airport has now a full fledged restaurant besides the bars. Traveling MAN-CDG-BIO often I found this airport by far the best experience of the three. At least it has not become a shopping centre with a runway attached to it.

Bilbao Airport by Angela Cullum

22 March 2008   Customer Rating : 4 Star Rating

I have travelled in through this airport and seen many friends come and go. What is all the fuss about? It's a great little airport, the staff aren't rude and some do speak English. It's a brilliant airport compared to the huge horrors of Charles De Gaulle and Heathrow. Sometimes I think people just love to moan.

Bilbao Airport by L Eames

14 June 2007   Customer Rating : 3 Star Rating

I use this airport a lot, and it is a vast improvement on the old terminal, but, for the fourth city of Spain, it is rather parochial. The old terminal had a proper restaurant, here all you can get is a snack. Facilities are limited, a few shops, a bar or two and that's it. Parking can be difficult with cars going round and round the several floors of the car park trying to find somewhere to park. It once took me twenty minutes. It never feels crowded though, perhaps that's due to the limited number of flights using it (no charter flights for example)

Bilbao Airport by Antonella Di Franco

21 June 2006   Customer Rating : n/a

Bilbao airport may be nice on the eye with its exciting-shaped exterior but the interior is dark, gloomy and uninviting, the seating is poor and uncomfortable, the staff are rude, apart from few exceptions, the shops are risible in their offer. I was also puzzled by the fact that the staff at baggage control were very dismissive and rude when I asked if I needed to take my laptop out. In their non-English and sign-language (of course, having a good part of customers and passengers as non Spanish does not make any difference) they told me, almost laughing at me, that I could send it through and why should I be so paranoid? Finally, and I don't know if this has something to do with the carrier, easyJet or the airport policy but I had my passport checked 4 times: first at the check in counter, then by the easyJet ticket office (the only polite member of staff in the whole airport), then at the gate by an official and then few seconds later by the check in attendant. This after the flight was delayed by an hour and a half and the gate changed 3 times, characteristically in completely different parts of the terminal. A really bad experience, surprising from a city that has made lots of money from the tourists flocking in to see the guggenheim.

Bilbao Airport by Duncan Watt
26 February 2006

Although the exit from the baggage claim goes directly outside, anyone waiting to pick somebody up doesn´t have to wait outside, if they take the escalators up to the terminal, there is a landing halfway up which leads to a passageway (indoors) which overlooks the baggage claim area so they can actually look down on the passengers waiting for their bags from one floor above - it can get crowded in that passageway.

Bilbao Airport by Rolf Heelas
26 February 2006

Was not very impressed, designed for not for function but as a statement, which to me looked inspired by the 70's. The airport is small and has a few shops cafe's but nowhere to get any kind of food more than a small roll. Strangest thing was walking out of customs exit out into the cold. However strangest thing was security, lots of police hanging around however the person screening hand baggage was doing so while reading a newspaper.

Bilbao Airport by Franco Iacovella
6 November 2005

I found Bilbao Airport to be a small and pleasant one to get through. No LHR or FRA airport here with all its confusion and chaos. Surprisingly enough, there was no subway to the downtown core yet a 10 minute bus ride to the city center is all it takes on bus 3247 for 1.15 Euro each o/w. Upon departing Bilbao - caught the airport bus back to the airport as they depart every 1/2hour from Termibus Bus Depot. Punctual upon arrival - a quick easy check-in at LH counter - great lighting in the airport and nice to have the cafe with a view of the planes and tarmac while sipping cafe con leche once you have passed the security. I would rate the airport 8 out of 10 for easy signage, clarity in lighting, very smooth operations.

Bilbao Airport by Carlos Rodrigo
24 October 2005

I disagree with the comments. For a brand new airport, Bilbao is a poor one. That it is now being rebuilt - just three years after its construction - confirms my bad opinion about this poorly built airport. Calatrava´s buildings may look nice, but are totally unfriendly

Bilbao Airport by John Andrews
21 July 2005

Bilbao Airport is very modern and looks great from the outside. I've heard it described as seagull inspired but to me, as you approach from a distance, it looks more concorde inspired. Car parking is very convenient and a short walk from the terminal. When I've arrived by coach in Bilbao to catch a flight however it's a bit of a drag as there's no direct airport bus from the coach station so you have to catch the underground to the square in Bilbao from which the airport bus departs. The airport bus is cheap though at 1.10 euros. Inside the terminal I find it's all concrete and a bit spartan and claustrophobic, the darkened glass doesn't help. The cafe area is pretty small but looks out over the runway so you can watch the planes while sipping a coffee. Having the exit from the baggage reclaim area lead straight out to the outside concourse rather than into the terminal building is a bit unusual as it means that people waiting to meet arriving passengers must wait outside in the cold.

Bilbao Airport by Lawrie Hall

11 April 2005

Overall I'd give Bilbao airport the thumbs-up. I've only departed, so I don't have experience of arriving. Get airside as soon as possible, as the bar/cafe is OK - but go in and find a seat as from the outside it is most unwelcoming.

Bilbao Airport by Krista Jones

17 February 2005

Despite it's beautiful external design (representing a seagull) Bilbao airport is probably one of the most uncomfortable, user unfriendly airports that I have ever visited. The seating area is scarce, with hard concrete benches. The cafeteria is small and the tables are always piled with dirty plates and glasses. Another of my complaints is that when passengers arrive and leave the baggage hall they come straight outside. This means that people waiting to collect arriving passengers have to wait outside in the cold/rain, not very welcoming to say the least!!

Bilbao Airport by Daniel Mori

14 December 2004

This regional size airport is a gem. Not only does it have great design, but it is also very functional. Ground transportation exceeds expectations as you can get a bus to/from Bilbao center for just 1EUR. The ride is quick and painless. Taxis are also available in large numbers and are affordable. Check in procedures are expedite and the staff is accommodating: one time I arrived at the airport 15 minutes before my flight and the counter staff was kind enough to check me in - the plane I was travelling on hadn't arrived, it was nearly empty, and I had no luggage, but still I have to praise the decency of the staff for checking me in despite my delay (something not to be taken for granted in other airports). Security check waiting times are usually OK, although some delays may occur in peak hours Overall, BIO is a very good facility.

Bilbao Airport by Borja Diez

9 September 2004

The airport designed by Santiago Calatrava, it's modern easy to use and offer a great image of the Basque Country. You can expect all the services from a big airport concentrated in an state of the art building.




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