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Bhubaneswar Airport customer review :  28 September 2010 by Prasad Vinnakota   (USA)

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We were travelling from Bhubaneshwar to Hyderabad recently. The airport was clean and nice, but was shocked a little later at the security at this airport. While we were flying, a person behind my row was complained about dripping water. The stewardess was puzzled, and checked the luggage rack. There was this bag belonging to a passenger, that contained a bottle of water that leaked, drenching all the bags in that part before trickling down on the heads of people below. Note that this is a colored rectangular serrated bottle, and not one of those branded mineral water bottles sold inside the secure zone. Also, note that the passenger was able-bodied. It is clear that the security checks simply waved the bottle past. Having travelled from Newark to Hyderabad, via Mumbai, and suffering innumerable checks, and having spent a small fortune on buying water inside the secure zone, I was shocked at this incident. I suggest that the rules be strictly implemented, and a refresher course be held for the personnel.




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