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HARTFORD INT'L AIRPORT customer review :  14 February 2013 by M GAuerbach    (USA)

Rating : 9/10





Flew through BDL last week. I like the new set of security lanes open on the US Airways side of the terminals. No line at 5.30am despite a dozen flights departing around 6am. The new arrivals/departures/gates boards are easier to read. However, there doesn't seem to be one power port in the US Airways gates, even though there's wifi.

HARTFORD INT'L AIRPORT review :  24 February 2010 by M Auerbach   (USA)

Customer Rating :  5/5

5 Star Rating   






Security thorough and lines short - thrilled to find that one of the TV monitors at the Southwest gates showed the local PBS channel - a nice alternative to the usual cable news and sports programming. Custodial staff cleaned gate areas twice in one hour. Spacious, naturally- lit gate area was a nice oasis from usually crowded departure areas.

HARTFORD INT'L AIRPORT review : 3 August 2009 by George Pugman

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

I'm a Connecticut resident and use Bradley a half-dozen times a year. Terminal A is perfectly serviceable - nothing fancy, but it does the trick. Luckily, most carriers use it. Terminal B, which I understand will be closed at the end of 2009, cannot be demolished fast enough. It is an eyesore, with next to no services. I guess its only advantage is for people who wonder what air travel used to be like in the 50s and 60s. They can see firsthand in Terminal B! I wish BDL had service to longer haul hubs like DEN and SLC, but I guess there isn't enough demand. Nonetheless, I'm perfectly happy using the airport. Its smaller size means fewer delays, quicker deplaning and some breathing room.

HARTFORD INT'L AIRPORT review : 26 March 2009 : by M Auerbach

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

BDL is my hometown airport. I found plenty of kiosks for check-in at US Airways and went through security quickly. On the airside at US Airways gates, very limited options in terms of stores and restaurants and the good shops/restaurants are at the other side of the terminal. Upon return, finding luggage is easy and the pick-up for valet lots is fast. the amenities are limited, but the airport is streamlined and easy to use. I prefer BDL plus connection to a direct flight from BOS or JFK anytime.

HARTFORD INT'L AIRPORT review : 27 February 2009 : by C Clark

Customer Rating : 3/5

3 Star Rating

As a lifelong Connecticut resident I am ashamed at our one major airport - but then, I should remember this is small potatoes compared to Boston, New York, Atlanta, Charlotte. The new terminal is clean and bright and a huge improvement over the old, provided you are flying airlines that use it. Security seems totally confused and amateur compared to other airports and after checking in you simply deposit your checked luggage in a heap, manned by security staff who seem distracted and uninterested in what you are doing. Worst of all is upon return it takes far too long to get your baggage. On a recent calm winter night, we'd all deplaned a Delta flight and it took about 20 minutes before any luggage began to appear at the carousels. About 15 bags came out, and then there was another 10 minute wait for 15 bags, and then on, and on. You can generally plan on waiting at least 30 minutes to get your bag, at this "small" airport. This performance is inexcusable.

Hartford Intl Airport by M Hill

28 March 2008   Customer Rating :  3 Star Rating

I am a bit surprised that half the airport is new. It's nice and polished on one side, and a trip to the 60's on the other. As a local resident that frequents the airport (about 4 trips a month), I think they could improve the new airport food court section by building a New England type facade over the store fronts, seems to be a big empty area that could be utilized for a "New England" feel.

Hartford Intl Airport by Praveen Babu

27 February 2007   Customer Rating :  n/a

I've traveled through this airport quite a few times due to its location b/w Boston and New- York. Overall, its a quiet airport that never seems to be too busy. There's a reasonable share of shops but none too interesting. Flights are generally on time in my experiences and airport staff are helpful although you most likely may never need to utilize their assistance. The signage is perfectly laid out and food cafe's are sprinkled all over. The new terminal and parking garage are super convenient.

Hartford Intl Airport by Patrick Sullivan 

8 July 2005

Bradley's new A terminal is fantastic. Finally we can show pride in our state's airport and hopefully swing travelers to Hartford rather then Boston or New York. As said before, the old B terminal thats serves American and Indepence is really worn down. Signs of TWA and Pan Am still are posted throughout the terminal which is more or less one giant hallway. Security is quick and all the check-ins are well light and clean. New parking garage makes getting to terminal A even easier. Just need to do up B and we can be a world-class airport!

Hartford Intl Airport by Andrew Johnson

8 May 2005

This is a nice small airport, I've heard good for people trying to avoid the crowds at Boston or even New York. A new terminal recently opened there (it serves United, Southwest, Song, etc. flights). It is very nice-looking, bright, polished, and airy, with lots of tall windows and marble. The older terminal, though, is, well, old-looking; seems like it might as well be about 1980 or so in there.




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