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Bermuda Airport
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BERMUDA AIRPORT customer review :  4 July 2014 by E Williams    (USA)

Rating : 0/10





This airport is horrible on the arrival side and barely passable on the departure side. On both, the airport management should look into "jetways." Problems arriving: No jetway, too few passport control personnel, arrival hall to passport control inadequately air-conditioned, going to the bathroom immediately on arriving puts you farther back in the passport line (I was near the front and waited just under an hour to reach the passport counter, within 10 minutes the line had tripled in length, so those people likely had to wait nearly 3 hours). Rude passport control officer. Extremely rude customs officer - she pawed through all my belongings, being careful to disarrange them untidily. Then to the greeting area - no chairs to sit in while awaiting my pickup. Entire area filthy. By now, I needed a bathroom, a janitor directed me to one "around the corner" near a loading dock. It smelt of urine and was crawling with ants. Departure: confusing signage, shops too few and overpriced, at gate (upper level), one goes down a flight of stairs in order to go up a flight of stairs into the airplane. (At the bottom of the flight of stairs, some sort of janitor screamed at me to show my passport. Oh well, I suppose the boarding process needs more inefficiency. All flights in-&-out were delayed 90 minutes because that morning the radar was "inoperative." Since I don't recommend this airport, the only other alternative to come here (it's the only airport on the island) is a cruise ship.

BERMUDA AIRPORT review : 29 June 2009 : by Edward Impey

Customer Rating : 1/5

1 Star Rating

The airport itself is fine. easy to get to, easy to navigate. Your problems could begin with the surly and aggressive border control staff. One officer actually offered to fight me because I used my phone in an inappropriate area! They need to learn anger management and try and remember their wages are paid by the people going through the airport.

BERMUDA AIRPORT review : 4 March 2009 : by H Coltrane

Customer Rating : 5/5

5 Star Rating

What a wonderful feeling entering the Bermuda airport! Friendly, thoughtful staff and the wonderful band playing "Bermuda is Another World" were quite the contrast to American and Canadian airport experiences. My wife and I just returned from a wonderful stay in Bermuda - if possible, tell the band that their beautiful music is still in our heads a week later!

Bermuda International Airport by Bertram Forbes

29 January 2007   Customer Rating : n/a

Bermuda's airport and Bermuda generally could be much more a pleasurable experience if it's government got rid of some nasty aspects of Bermuda for American British, Canadian and European tourists. I refer to the mere $100 in duty-free allowances it offers its own residents, compared to $800 allowed in the USA - and only $35 allowed by Bermuda in duty- free allowances to tourists. These token allowances are cheap and nasty, make the government look greedy and uncaring, are rigorously applied and when residents or visitors bring in more, a 30% duty applies.

Bermuda International Airport by Raymond Breland

21 April 2005

I agree, Bermuda's Airport is efficient, clean, and stylish. You exit the Plane (down steps) follow through to an immaculate immigration arrival area. The calypso band is playing soothing music. If you arrive before 11am, your lucky. After 12pm is when about 6 planes roll in 5 minutes apart unloading hundreds of people, beware. Baggage hall area is spotless and the customs is quick! Then your on your way into Beautiful Bermuda.

Bermuda International Airport by Vineet Bapat

6 March 2005

Like Bermuda itself, this airport is a thoroughly civilized experience - not very busy, so not crowded, with a rather predictable traffic pattern of arrivals and departures. Facilities are very adequate, and the duty-free shop has a reasonable variety, albeit a bit expensive. On entry, customs officials are polite and welcoming. When checking in for our departing flight, the official who had to "pat me down" for a follow-up security check (the machine beeped when I went through) apologized for having to do so, and thanked me for accommodating the security process! All in all, a refreshingly unique experience - one that is, alas, vanishing amid the all-too-common post 9/11 over-zealous and ironically ineffective security measures elsewhere - Bravo to Bermuda and its airport!!




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