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AUSTIN AIRPORT customer review : 11 December 2009 by John Walker

Customer Rating :  2/5

2 Star Rating

I had several trips each quarter to AUS, giving me a chance to figure out how to use the airport. First, give yourself lots of time to get from your starting point to the airport by car, as the roads in and around Austin are terrible - badly designed and poorly maintained with tremendous volumes of traffic. Second, give yourself more time if you are on the first flights of the day, as the check-in and TSA security cannot handle the large volumes first thing in the day. Third, prepare to have some sort of strange interaction with the TSA as they exercise their improbable variant of "logic". Fourth, eat before you go to the airport, as the options inside the "secure" area are plentiful but of poor quality. Otherwise, once you are inside the "sterile" area, the airport is well-designed, and I see others have mentioned the good massage spot near gate 13. The bathrooms are excellent. Unfortunately, you frequently need something like a stiff drink and a massage to release the tension associated with the bad roads, long lines, and ridiculous TSA.

AUSTIN AIRPORT customer review : 8 June 2009 : by E Mabley

Customer Rating :  5/5

5 Star Rating

Austin Bergstrom Int'l is one of the best American regional airports. Southwest and American dominate here, it can be costly to fly to/from the US west and east coasts, and international service is non existent, but the airport is among the most well-designed and efficient. The terminal is spacious, overcrowding is seldom an issue and there are plenty of dining and shopping options. This airport should be used as a model for all new medium-size airports being planned.

AUSTIN AIRPORT customer review : 21 May 2009 : by John Philipps

Customer Rating :  2/5

2 Star Rating

One key to a good trip through AUS is to minimize your time within the sterile area, as the activities are very limited. The restaurants within security are relatively expensive and serve very poor food, especially those that purport to be airport versions of the local fare. No Starbucks. If you can, avoid evening departures, as this is when the live musicians play in the center area, causing an already noisy airport ambience to become even worse. If you can, avoid early morning flights, as the TSA security theater is made worse by inadequate entrances, resulting in lines that stretch the length of the terminal. For those with checked in luggage, the lengthy wait times upon arrival can be problematic; however, the airport restrooms are some of the best in the US. AUS has both a good heel bar and an excellent massage kiosk. The roads to the airport are very, very poor, and the signs are confusing at best, just like the rest of the city, so plan lots of extra time to get to the airport on the terrible Austin roads. The car rental facility is on site, although "customer service" can be a problem.

AUSTIN AIRPORT customer review : 30 November 2008 : by J Levitsky

Customer Rating :  2/5

2 Star Rating

The roads around the airport are poorly designed and constructed, so it is not easy to find the airport or the rental car facility. This is also true of the rest of the Austin region, so this is not unusual for the city, where correct signage is at a premium. No Starbucks, but lots of other local restaurants, although their menus are limited. Lots of light and high ceilings, but not an airport to spend lots of time at unless you like the massage spot.

Austin Airport by Bruce Roberson

8 April 2008   Customer Rating : 4 Star Rating

Austin has free internet service Downtown but not at their airport. There is Not a Starbucks but they have a local substitute of a high blend coffee shop. I feel sorry for families traveling because there is not any kind of restaurant food that children will recognize. It would be nice too if there were more electrical outlets for laptops and phone chargers. It is kept very clean and the easy access to rental cars is a very big plus! Amy's Icecream is worth the calories.

Austin Airport by R Jones

4 October 2007   Customer Rating : 4 Star Rating

AUS is decidedly different from a lot of airports in that it tries to be, well, Austin. There's a live music stage in the center of the terminal and local businesses dominate the shopping scene. Much of that, as other posters noted, is annoying, as you can't get a cheap snack and lines can be long. Shops are definitely "Austin" but needlessly expensive. The music is, well, hit and miss. I prefer quiet to some of that stuff! For the Starbuck's fans, there's one in the terminal now. There are "Austin-inspired" murals above check-in. Great to have local artists but the art is rather pedestrian, showing scenes of poor Hispanics. I think there's probably more to Austin than that. Getting in and out is easy, although I have had long luggage waits. The roads and signage to the airport are OK but getting better. Seems like they built this airport without figuring out how to get to/from the place. No freeways to the place, but supposedly they're working on it. Parking is not cheap, but not expensive either by some standards. The cheapest is $7/day. Better to take the bus, if you can, if going away a long time. Car rental is usually easy. Taxi is easy. Blue Van may be a long wait and long drive as they drop off others. Early am flights (6:30am and earlier) are insane. Long, long lines at security as all airlines seem to have flights at this time. Arriving earlier is not an option as the airline check-in counters and security don't open until around 5:30am.

Austin Airport by G Kohl

18 September 2007   Customer Rating : 3 Star Rating

Austin airport is fine as long as you do not have to wait very long for your flight. Two good parts of the airport are the well-lit, spacious feel to the building and the little masseuse station near gate 13. Otherwise, the dining opportunities are very weak. If you want a Starbucks, for instance, forget it. If you want pale imitations of local restaurant chains, you are in luck. Even more useless is an entire store, a large store, devoted to a local college football team souvenirs. The roads to the airport are terrible. Poorly-designed traffic flow is compounded by missing or misleading signage, so visitors in rental cars, give yourself plenty of time to find the airport and return your car. Customer service at the airport is not very good, although not as bad as LAX or PHL, obviously.

Austin Airport by L Nathan

13 February 2007   Customer Rating : n/a

The airport is very nice, but the bus service leaves a lot to be desired. I missed my return date because my wake up call didn't come on time at my hotel. I had paid for a round trip on the bus when I arrived at Austin, but the bus company would not honor my return, prepaid trip from the hotel to the airport. I was surprised by their attitude and rigidity. I made it to the airport the next day courtesy of a couple bellmen from my hotel and their van. So, my impression of the airport was distorted by that experience.

Austin Airport by C Carrington

8 July 2006

ABIA has been a moderately frequent stop on my travels for the past nine years, and it is entirely in keeping with Austin in that it is weird. The total lack of the expected restaurants is not overcome by the rather grim local offerings, and the oddball live music is sometimes interesting and other times annoying. The terminal is spacious and well-lighted, but the connections appear limited to hub airports and San Jose. The Admiral's Club and President's Club are both pleasant, and a small chair massage place near gate 13 is also nice, but all three are frequently not open for business. The traffic flow for cars and rentals is very well-thought out, but the roads in any direction from the airport are abominable. Weird.

Austin Airport by Christian Farias

29 August 2005

I went to university in Austin, and have fond memories of the old Mueller Airport. Nothing special, but had a good vibe. Also, cuz it had a rather short runway, will never forget the pilots having to stomp on the brakes, which always made for good fun for this aviation enthusiast (especially when AA used to fly their DC10's into the airport) The new Austin-Bergstrom is outstanding in every way! In the US, it really is the only airport that captures the local flavor - in food, music, design elements, etc. It is also extremely spacious and user friendly. Why can't they replicate similar local esign elements in other US cities?! This airport really stands out in the US.

Austin Airport by David Guenthner

26 March 2005

The only municipal project the City of Austin has gotten right in 15 years. The terminal is spacious, open, and intuitive. The security checkpoints are manageable. The baggage claim is usually efficient. But what makes this airport special is the local flair. The standard airport fare -- McDonald's, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut -- have been replaced with local vendors such as Schlotzky's, Matt's El Rancho, the Salt Lick, and Amy's Ice Cream. The music over the sound system is from Austin musicians, and there is a performance stage in the center of the terminal. There is a gallery featuring the works of Austin artists. It is probably the only place where you can get a sense of the city just from being in its airport.

Austin Airport by R Walton

21 March 2005

Austin's Bergstrom Int'l may not be one of the biggest airports in the U.S. (25 gates total) but the entire project was treated with world class taste. It is a simple yet beautiful airport with all the amenities one could want.

Austin Airport by Andrew Levy

7 January 2005

Great new terminal is a big improvement over the old AUS airport. Very spacious and attractive. Moving in and out of the terminal is a snap. Above-average food service is available inside the terminal. I much prefer to make a connection in Austin than in HOU, IAH, or DFW. This is now one of the best airports in the country.




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