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Faleolo International Airport Customer review : 14 April 2010 by A Gibbons

Customer Rating : 2/5

2 Star Rating

Faleolo is the international airport for Samoa, located 1 hour from Apia on Upolu island. A pain for late night/ early morning arrivals and departures but conveniently close to the ferries for Savaiii, Apolima and Manono islands. Used Faleolo airport this last weekend as a business class passenger. First pax off the plane to a stretch limousine awaiting at bottom of steps! Together with police guard and band. 100% true, but alas, this VIP welcome was not for me but for the Samoan Head of State seated across from me on the plane. However, no pomp and ceremony for me once inside this basic airport. Immigration was slow/methodical but courteous. Baggage claim and clearance even slower. On return, check- in handled efficiently by Polynesian. No lounge facilities at Faleolo provided for premium passengers (only a govt lounge for VIPs). Landside toilets are derelict and filthy. Better to hold your water until you get airside. One rung above Port Moresby airport in PNG - which itself IS one big toilet. Immigration at APW outbound even slower than inbound, due to a disorganised pax on an Air Pacific flight - also departing at 4.30am-5.00 am. Once airside, an overpriced cafe and dutyfree, but at least there's air-con. On the bright side, this could be a really good airport with a just little attention to cleanliness from the Samoan Airport Authority (such a contrast to the country itself - Samoa is kept spick and span by its people). Note that you have to pay WST40 departure tax at ANZ/Westpac banks on departure (not incl in ticket).No big deal but for this amount of money (equiv USD 15-20) airport could at least keep the loos clean.

Faleolo Intl Airport by Stephen Cromer

24 June 2008   Customer Rating : n/a

I agree with a lot that was said above. Exit tax, I think it's funny, but their is no tax any where else. At least the food and drinks on the Upstairs eating area (faleolo) is just about normal. Now on the people at the airport working, yes, you are correct. I don't know how they are treated as employees but we see this just about everywhere we go in the samoan islands, no one is in a hurry. and no one is there when they say they will be. I believe its the way of life in samoa. that's one of the things I like about samoa, they all are in a chilled out mode.

Faleolo Intl Airport by Majosh Sanee

7 January 2004   Customer Rating : n/a

There have been a number of improvements at the Faleolo international airport, but I still cannot get over how expensive duty free products are. I travel to and from Samoa at least three times a year and I have yet to purchase anything from duty free. It's just so much more cheaper at other international airports - even taking into consideration the rate of the Samoan tala in foreign countries! Airport taxes are just so ridiculously high it's unbelievable. Look at the departure tax for instance - I remember when they lifted the tax to $30 and justified it to the public by claiming that children under a certain age did not have to pay tax. My husband and I have two children - an eighteen year old and a 4year old, we still have to pay $120 which calculates to 'more' - 'much more' than the four of us would have to pay to get out of Auckland International Airport (even taking into consideration the Samoan tala exchange rate!). And I need not elaborate on the many luxuries (100 times over) that are available at the Auckland international airport and NOT available at the Faleolo airport! Once the tax hits the $40 mark you might as well include it in the ticket like everyone else around the world whose departure tax is over $30! We pay tax on our tickets and at the airport ... why not just put them together and leave them on the ticket! That would be one huge improvement - and less hassle when flynig out of faleolo!

Faleolo Intl Airport by R Ellis

4 August 2003

Apia's airport has been upgraded and presents a warm pacific feeling. The immigration/customs staff should be taught to smile though - especially after tourists are sold on the idea of a friendly pacific paradise proudly operated by the friendliest people on earth!

Faleolo Intl Airport by Tolu Efu

26 February 2003

On arrival into APW in the evening heat, arrived into immigration waiting for 5 minutes as there were no immigration officers to process our docs as if they were on lunch? This was a bit of a shock. Apart from that dilemma, baggage was swift & on the conveyer belt pretty fast. Custom officers very polite & efficient. Faleolo airport is very open & spacious. In a hot humid climate tiles are laid through the entire airport. There are no main entrance doors to the terminal as it is one open place, but very modern indeed. Departure lounge quite nice, with the Tropical Pacific feel to it, a big beautiful bar dominates the one huge departure lounge. This would be the only place together with the PH J Class lounge is air-conditioned.



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