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Agadir Airport customer review :  15 October 2011 by H Chown    (UK)

Rating : 7/10




Arrived in the middle of a hot summer's day with a temperature over 40 degrees. There is no air-conditioning in the airport but that isn't necessary due to the design of the terminal which keeps it airy and cool. The border staff looked like they had been asleep for five hours and were surprised by our arrival. Unfortunately there were lots of people outside fighting for the right to carry our bags 20 metres to the taxi. It's a bit of an annoyance but just say "NON" very assertively. All signs in French and Arabic, announcements too.

AGADIR AIRPORT review : 10 June 2009 : by Nicola Hayter

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

Service we have received has been very good for the size of the place. Incoming there is a long wait but would rather be checked in and out correctly. The gate numbers can be confusing if it is the first time you have flown out as they do change regularly.

AGADIR AIRPORT review : 16 February 2009 : by Paul Styles

Customer Rating : 1/5

1 Star Rating

To get in from the street you must undergo luggage scan first as there's no entry hall. To get out onto the tarmac and into your plane note well that there's no queue space (the departure lounge seats are right by the exit gate doors). Our flight was announced at gate N6 (there are only 6 gates), but after 5 minutes delay moved to gate 4 then to gate 2 for 150 people with much luggage for a flight with first come first served seats. The hostesses tried to get people to form 2 queue lines in vain so embarkation was a free for all. Shocking treatment for an international airport. Aside from that the setting is very pleasant.

AGADIR AIRPORT review : 12 August 2008 : by Kevin Maslin

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

No major problems here. Lots of check-in desks open at inbound passport control so we were processed fairly quickly and directed to the transfer coach within 20 mins. Lots of 'porters' in brown uniform with trolleys offered to take our luggage when we disembarked from the coach on the return journey. We could manage ok but I think they were asking for 10 Dirham (about 70p) to take you all the way to check-in, which I considered to be fairly reasonable. We were told that we could not spend our left over Dirhams in the departure lounge, so we changed them at the bank (not for sterling, but to euros!) in the lobby prior to joining the queue for the scanning machine. As there was only one channel in operation it took quite a while to get through, and then we discovered that the shops would accept sterling, euros or dirhams! Ho-hum. We had taken our own drinks through as we had been told the airport prices were shockingly expensive (even the so-called duty-free!), but we did buy 3 Snickers bars at 4.5 euros! We were not aware that our flight was overdue by half an hour as announcements were largely in French, fairly inaudible and the screens were not very informative. Once the gate was open, though, we were ushered through to the plane quite quickly.

Agadir Al Massira Airport by Alan Edwards

13 March 2006   Customer Rating : n/a

As far as looks go, this is good. The rest is average and below, arriving luggage arrived reasonable quickly, then immigration, long wait, then the form given on flight thoroughly checked. Departure, no Morrocan currency allowed flight side, payment in about anything accepted and change given in same, staff efficient under the circumstances, prices high. Information on flight delays non existant, room just sufficient for passengers on 757 charter flight Regarding passport/immigration control on departure. If you have a rollerball pen visible be prepared for the officer wanting to swap pens! Despite these negative comments you do feel the staff are trying.




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