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IZMIR AIRPORT customer review :  1 August 2013 by D Cahalane    (Ireland)

Rating : 0/10





Having experienced this airport's money grabbing extortionate prices first hand I would seriously consider ever visiting Turkey again. I have just returned from a wonderful two week holiday in Kusidasi, but the fact that I had to endure this airport in order to get in and out would definitely discourage me from ever again going there. They undid all the positive experiences of the country. A can of Diet Coke was 3.46. The facilities were OK but the prices were a complete rip off. They had posters up promoting Izmir as a candidate city for World Expo 2020. If you have the misfortune to travel through this place, bring your own food.

IZMIR AIRPORT review : 13 July 2009 by S Srinivasan

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Ranking

Small but efficient domestic airport. Large taxi stands are available in front of both exit doors, and it's also easy to find the "Havas" shuttle bus or walk to the train station. Upon arrival, security is quick and efficient, and I got from the check-in kiosk to the gate in less than 10 minutes. The main downside to this airport is the lack of sitting space at the gates; there simply isn't enough to hold a plane full of people. Since security for each 3-4 gates is segregated, it's not possible to walk down to another set to find a seat, either. The bar/restaurant also looked overpriced.

IZMIR AIRPORT review : 5 May 2009 : by Nick Paul

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Ranking

Late night arrival from IST. Quick bag claim. Arrival hall clean and well signed. Duty free shop available in bag claim if items needed. Collected hire car from in front of terminal - though if required, undercover area in front of arrival hall has plenty of taxis waiting if not pre-booked or using a hire car. On return, through security to access departure hall for domestic flight. Few shops to choose from but note refreshments at cafes are expensive. Prompt service from helpful staff at THY check-in desk. Further security check to access departure gate. No delays, and a good facility, happy to recommend ADB airport.

IZMIR AIRPORT review : 9 February 2009 : by G Misioch

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Ranking

The airport is clean. Staff at information desk speak only very limited English. Facilities are quite limited, there is no left-luggage and other amenities such as restaurants close down if there are no current flights, which makes this airport not such a good choice for transit passengers.

IZMIR AIRPORT review : 24 December 2008 : by Nick Paul

Customer Rating : 5/5

5 Star Ranking

First departure of the day out of ADB, so arrived at 0345. Easy directions around the airport if you are driving in - very clear to follow which route. Dropped off hire car at the entrance (same location for collecting taxis). NB: if returning a hire car and fuel is needed at this stage, the first petrol station you come to off the O31 access road to the airport is open 24 hrs and is the best one to use for filling the car. Straight through first security to dept hall. No queues in the airport of course at that time at any point, other than couple of mins. waiting at check in for flight itself. Airport very clean, nice and bright facility. Ample signage for directions around airport. Cafe next to check in desks if wanted. Passport control prompt. Through to gate - further small cafe for hot drink / snack. Duty free open - good prices on most items. Further security check at gate, plenty of seats for waiting. Free papers if required- German/US/UK titles (for Lufthansa flight). I must praise the check in staff who had a really nice approach to pax at that time of day, and were friendly, efficient and a pleasure to meet. Passed through ADB at different times of the day now, and an excellent facility and happy to recommend.

Izmir Airport by Tom Maule

27 October 2006   Customer Rating : n/a

The new international terminal at Izmir opened in September 2006. Arrivals, apart from a small delay in getting the jetway lined up was smooth and efficient. The area prior to visa payment and passport control is large and airy. Formalities took minutes. The baggage hall is also spacious with an adequate duty free on arrival shop. Being the only flight in, or due in, baggage delivery was very quick - althouth the angled conveyors do move a bit too quickly for some and I saw several people chasing high speed bags round the carousel! Through passport control there is a bit meet and greet area leading to a pick up and set down area with car parks opposite. Everything was pretty much a straight line from plane to kerbside. Departures is equally impressive. The check in area seemed to have about 50 desks although quiet at 7pm on a Friday night with only two or three flights checking in. Only British Airways has a single line check in system and I can see it getting a bit chaotic for other airlines if things get busy. Again very quick through passport control into a very spacious departures area. being a new terminal facilities were limited to a huge duty free shop (cheap), an 'english style' pub that is fairly expensive at 20YTL (7.70) for a sandwich and coke, a Burger King on the mezzanine level (again expensive) and a small coffee area next to the BA Gate (you guess 2.50 for a small coffee). All gates have separate lounges entered after another security check - comfortable and adequate for B737/A320 size aircraft. All very modern, clean and efficient - a pleasure to fly through

Izmir Airport by Todd Muhleman

6 November 2005

Not much of an airport, no jetways, just stairs and buses. The upside of using it as an arrival point instead of Istanbul is that it is very easy to go through customs / security. I've never had much of a wait. The only direct service though is to/from Munich on Lufthansa, which makes connecting on the way back to the states a impossible without an overnight in Europe.

Izmir Airport by Nicola Akgun

29 August 2005

My husband is from Izmir so we use this airport on a regular basis to visit family and friends. We have noticed the change in price over the last couple of years - prices for a burger king meal are ridiculous - 18YTL for 1 meal. We bought 4 coffees in the airport cafe which came to nearly 15 pounds. Anybody travelling through this airport should be advised to eat before they get there or take some snacks.

Izmir Airport by Chris Pike

2 July 2005

Take your own food and drink. This is one of the most expensive airports I have ever been in. A glass of Coke was 8.10TL (over 5 Euros). Very poor facilities




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