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Adana Airport by William Foran

5 October 2007   Customer Rating : 3 Star Rating

Adana is in the southern part of Turkey, and so, the grounds of the airport are full of palm trees and other desert flora. It is chaotic as the previous reviewer has commented. What was amazing to see was aircraft taxiing in on the same part of the tarmac as passengers walking in from their recently landed flights. I recommend the restaurant on the second level. The food was terrific ( it is frequently so in Turkey) and the view (Including the aforementioned strange combination of people and aircraft) was very entertaining. Most of the flights are domestic/commuter flights and therefore the airport is otherwise very quiet apart from the morning and evening rush hours. Yes, one could get a whiff of tobacco smoke, or strange odors in the terminal, but this is the middle east. One should take these differences between our world and theirs in stride.

Adana Airport by Robert Clark

18 May 2006   Customer Rating : n/a

Adana Airport is a chaotic airport at best, yet not as bad as airports in other countries that surround it. There are two terminals to the Adana Airport, Domestic and International. In most cases the International side is only for the pilgrimage flights to Makkah, Saudi Arabia and some limited flights into Northern Cyprus. The Domestic side starts with citizens wanting to take your bags up to the security screening (right at the entrance to the terminal). They will expect a tip for this very small action. Tell them "hayir, saa olun" and you'll be left alone. You'll put your bags onto the belt, and your passport will be checked. Even if you are flying domestically, have your passport on you at all times. They will check the validity of your visa and if you have over-extended your welcome. Once you are through (P.S. Security does not speak English so bring some phrases with you) you will have to go to the airline of your choice. Even if you have no luggage and paper tickets, you will still have to check in. Organized chaos is the best way I can put it. Regardless if you are flying Turkish, Pegasus, or Onur Air you will still have people cutting in line, using Hefty bags as luggage, and uncomfortable closeness. When you finally get to the front, the people at the ticket counter normally speak english. MAKE SURE you ask if your bags get taken all the way. Some times they do - sometimes they don't. You may have to pick them back up in Istanbul, so its important they make it clear. Once you are done, you are left in a terminal that reeks of a foul Turkish soguk gone bad, sick passengers that don't cover their mouths when they cough, passengers that make that disgusting "spit like a man" sound, and the ever famous stare. There is a smoking section, but it is not seperate from any other room, so non-smokers will be subjected to 2nd hand smoke. There is a small store that sells refreshments but does not open until 6am, while some flights are much earlier. You'll be hard pressed for a seat, so get to the airport early, or get used to standing. Keep an eye on your things at all times. Lots of people look suspicious. The loudspeaker is hard to understand in this dimly lighted building, and its usually only in Turkish. Just line up whenever everyone else does, and try to sneak a peak at their ticket to see if it is your flight. You will go through a second security, and enter the gate area. Once again - organized chaos. There is no "area calling" and to "rows 1-10." Its a massive cattle heard. Just try to get in the front. Once your identity and ticket are checked, you will walk out onto the tarmac where you will see a bunch of suitcases (and Hefty bags) This is where is can get confusing. Before you can board the place, you must claim your suitcase yet again and give it to the baggage handlers. I guess this is good since you do ensure it gets on the plane, but if its a large flight it can be difficult in the dark to find your items. DEPARTURE INTERNATIONAL: Should you get lucky enough and go through immigration in Adana, it is much easier than Istanbul. The Duty Free section is very tiny and only has alcohol and cigarettes, but the customs queues are tiny in comparison to Istanbul. This may happen to you even if you are going through Istanbul to an international flight so it is always best to check over at International first to see if you leave from there or domestic. For your sake, I hope you leave Internationally. ARRIVAL: Landings are pretty simple. If you go through customs, (there will only be like 10 of you) you will go through a small customs kiosk, your passport will be scrutinized, and you'll get to have a rare "Adana" stamp in your passport, unlike most who travel to Turkey with the "Istanbul" stamp. Your bags will come on a low riding baggage claim separate from the domestic fliers, and quick out the door. If you are flying in domestically (or after checking into customs in Istanbul) you will have to wait quite a long time before the bags finally arrive onto the low riding baggage claim. In here is where you can rent a car as well, about 4 companies are available on site, and for those going to the NATO base, there is a Hertz located in the Burger King. Back to the airpoort, when you get outside, you can be picked up by your people (they will not be allowed into the airport) or you can hire a taxi. A gentleman usually brings the taxi to you, and loads your bags, he will expect a tip. 2 YTL is good enough. P.S. - A good taxi (spelled taksi in Turkish) to go with would be Gate Taxi at +90(322)316TAXI - they speak English. It will cost more but the drivers have better English than the airport taxis) In the airport just dial 322316TAXI. One more thing before I forget - turn around whern you enter the terminal - you'll see the lost luggage department. If you fly here to Adana more than once - expect to go in here a few times. The airport itself is a dirty mess...it smells, the facilities are usually dirty, it reeks of smoke, and it gets pretty loud.




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