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World Airport Rating | the official Skytrax World Airport Rating

Official Skytrax World Airport Rating


Skytrax Airport Rating is the professional Global Quality Benchmarking system that evaluates standards of front-line Product and Service across airports worldwide.  Airports are Star Rated on the basis of a complex, multi-faceted Product and Service quality assessment system, through the Skytrax World Airport Audit.

A key feature of Airport Star Ranking is the methodology by which Skytrax evaluate the reality of delivered product and service to customers, and apply Star Rating according to the global benchmark and quality performance basis. This means that a small regional airport, which will have a different range of product and service options compared to a major, international hub airport, is still eligible for a high star ranking, providing it fulfils the conceived quality target. 

Considerable emphasis across Star Rating is placed on standards of "service delivery"  - be it immigration, restaurant staff or retail assistants.  Whilst each area of product or service may come under a different quality ownership or daily control,  customers integrate all perceptions into one impression, linked to the airport as a whole.

The Airport Star Rating programme applies an internationally recognised evaluation system to assess the "front-line" quality standards across each airport's operations. Skytrax use established and recognised quality audit systems which are designed to ensure that all airport Quality Rating is conducted in a standardised and consistent manner.

For details of what is assessed in an Airport Star Ranking, visit     Ranking System  or     Airport Benchmarking

5-Star Airports


The ultimate Approval, awarded to Airports achieving the highest Quality standards.  A 5 Star ranking recognises highest standards of Product and Service delivery across the many different assessment categories in the Airport environments.  5-Star Status recognizes airports which are at the forefront of product / service innovation.


A mark of quality Approval, awarded to Airports achieving a good overall Quality performance.  A 4-Star ranking signifies Airports providing a good standard of Product and Service delivery across many different assessment categories in the Airport environment.

3-Star Airport


3-Star Ranking is awarded to Airports supplying a fair Quality performance that conforms to an industry "average" - when assessing the standards of Product and Service delivery across the different assessment categories in the Airport environment.  3 Star ranking signifies a satisfactory standard of core Product facilities, but reflects some Product weaknesses or a lower / less consistent quality of Staff Service delivery.

2-Star Airport


2-Star Ranking is awarded to Airports supplying for a poor Quality performance - falling below the industry average in the measured competitive product and service sectors.  2 Star Ranking represents a poor standard of Product across different ranking categories - and poor standards of Staff Service delivery across the Airport environment.

1-Star Airport


1-Star Ranking is awarded to Airports achieving a very poor Quality performance.  1 Star ranking represents very poor standards of Product across most of the featured categories - with poor and inconsistent standards of Staff Service around the Airport environment.

Under Analysis

  Unclassified Airports

The Unclassified Airport category covers airports that are either subject to a Star Ranking review - or those airports which have been dropped from the Star Ranking programme.



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