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Helsinki Vantaa Airport 4-Star Airport Ranking


Helsinki Vantaa Airport
Skytrax Airport Rating 2014 4.0 Star Rating: Good

Terminal 1/2

4-Star Rating




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HELSINKI VANTAA AIRPORT : Web Site & Ground Transportation

Ease of Use 4-Star Rating Parking + Transportation information 4.5-Star Rating
Language Options 4.5-Star Rating Transit Passenger Information 4-Star Rating
Flight Information 4.5-Star Rating Terminal Guides 4-Star Rating
Shopping information 4-Star Rating Flight Schedules 4.5-Star Rating
Public Transport - Available options 4-Star Rating Public Transport - national connections 4-Star Rating
Public Transport - Ease of Location 4-Star Rating Parking - short term 4-Star Rating
Public Transport - downtown Express No Ranking Parking - long term 4-Star Rating
Public Transport - Taxi availability 4-Star Rating Location of Car Rental 4-Star Rating
Hotel shuttle bus - Location 3-Star Rating Hotel shuttle bus - Service frequency 3-Star Rating

HELSINKI VANTAA AIRPORT : Security and Immigration Service

Security screening - Waiting Times 4-Star Rating Immigration - Arrival Queue times 4-Star Rating
Security screening - Staff Efficiency 4-Star Rating Immigration - Departure Queue times 4-Star Rating
Security screening - Staff Attitude 4-Star Rating Immigration - Fast Track channel 2.5-Star Rating
Security screening - Staff Languages 4-Star Rating Immigration - Staff Attitude 4-Star Rating
Security screening - Fast Track 2.5-Star Rating Immigration - Staff languages 4-Star Rating


Arrival - Walking distances 3.5-Star Rating Arrival - Direction Signage 4.5-Star Rating
Arrival - Distance to Baggage hall 3.5-Star Rating Arrival - Baggage hall Facilities 3.5-Star Rating
Arrival - Bag Delivery times 4-Star Rating Arrival - Baggage cart availability 4.5-Star Rating
Arrival - Terminal temperatures 4-Star Rating Arrival - Meet and Greet facilities 4-Star Rating


HELSINKI VANTAA AIRPORT : Departures & Transit

Check in - Counter Location 4-Star Rating Check in - Waiting times 3.5-Star Rating
Check in - Queue Management 3.5-Star Rating Check in - Waiting facilities 3.5-Star Rating
Terminal - Information screens 4.5-Star Rating Terminal - Walking distances 3.5-Star Rating
Terminal - Transfer area location 4-Star Rating Terminal - Transfer Queue times 3.5-Star Rating
Ease of Transfer 4-Star Rating    

HELSINKI VANTAA AIRPORT : Terminal Comfort and Terminal Facilities

Terminal - Seat availability 4-Star Rating Terminal - Flight Screens 4.5-Star Rating
Terminal - Passenger crowding 4-Star Rating Terminal - Airport PA clarity 4-Star Rating
Terminal - Natural daylight 4-Star Rating Terminal - Service counters 3.5-Star Rating
Terminal - Ambience & Decor 4-Star Rating Terminal - ATM / Cash machines 4-Star Rating
Terminal - External views 4-Star Rating Terminal - Bureau de Change 4-Star Rating
Terminal - General Cleanliness 4-Star Rating Terminal - WiFi access 5-Star Rating
Terminal - Air Temperature 4-Star Rating Terminal - Public Internet facilities 4-Star Rating
Comfort - Washroom Location 3.5-Star Rating Terminal - Public Telephones 4-Star Rating
Comfort - Washroom cleanliness 3.5-Star Rating Terminal - Business Centre 3-Star Rating
Comfort - Shower Availability 2-Star Rating Comfort - Disabled facilities 3.5-Star Rating
Comfort - Hotel / Dayroom facilities 4-Star Rating Comfort - Quiet / rest areas 3.5-Star Rating
Comfort - Baby changing 4-Star Rating Comfort - Smoking area 3.5-Star Rating
Comfort - Child Play facilities 4-Star Rating Comfort - Boarding Gate facilities 3.5-Star Rating
Comfort - Leisure facilities 4-Star Rating Comfort - Boarding Gate seating 4-Star Rating


HELSINKI VANTAA AIRPORT : Shopping, Food and Beverage

Shopping - Landside 3.5-Star Rating Tax free - Int'l brand selections 3.5-Star Rating
Shopping - Airside 4-Star Rating Tax free - Pricing policy 3.5-Star Rating
Shops - Staff Service 4-Star Rating Tax free - Variety of outlets 3.5-Star Rating
Restaurants - Local food choices 4-Star Rating Coffee/Snack outlets - Landside 3.5-Star Rating
Restaurants - Int'l food choices 4-Star Rating Coffee/Snack outlets - Airside 4-Star Rating
Restaurants - Staff service 4-Star Rating Food + Beverage - Price policy 3.5-Star Rating
Food + Beverage - Opening hours 4-Star Rating Food + Beverage - Payment options 4-Star Rating

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