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The SKYTRAX World Airport Audit Programme

The World Airport Audit  |  SKYTRAX

SKYTRAX World Airport Audit studies apply primary focus to qualitative issues and passenger travel experience analysis. The core of advisory input for every Airport operator is based upon identifying and designing methods and systems by which customer service standards can be improved and maintained.





Every World Airport Audit project integrates a deep understanding and knowledge of local markets, together with the expansive Skytrax global knowledge and day to day experience of changing standards and customer expectations across the air travel industry.

Operating at the highest international, professional standards enables Skytrax to offer a premier service to Airport Operators across the globe.

The Airport Quality Service Audit (AQSA) is tailored to the individual client requirements and needs, with the central focus applying a detailed analysis to all areas of Product and Service standards that passengers experience across the airport environment.

The airport experience is made up of numerous service chain factors - some the direct responsibility of airlines, some the airport operator - but all integrating into a single experience for the customers.

There are very few parts of the airport process which could be assigned as the responsibility of any single organisation.  To take a simple example, time spent at check-in is partly the responsibility of airports (as infrastructure / information providers) and partly the responsibility of the passenger (who may arrive early or late for check-in, or visit catering facilities before checking in) - but it is predominantly the responsibility of airlines who specify reporting times at check-in and influence the check-in process time (sometimes via handling agents) by specifying staffing levels, the form of the transaction, and product differentiation.

AQSA uses a chronologically constructed travel experience analysis for all passenger types - in each area of the airport environment. Stage I comprises the "stand alone" evaluation of prevailing product and service delivery standards.

Skytrax investigate every aspect of product and service in the front-line arena that passengers experience - under the many different travel modes.

Every aspect of Passenger Travel Perspective is evaluated in the Audit - arrivals, transit, departures - first time customers, experienced travellers, leisure and business customers, disabled passengers.

All customer profiles are applied to Skytrax quality evaluation applied to each product and service sector. Ease of terminal navigation, transportation facilities, immigration systems, leisure, business, washroom facilities, staff service and language skills, shopping malls - with the integration of functions with product and service being delivered by an airline operating from the airport.

As highlighted in the World Airport Audit subject index, Skytrax provide airport operators with the most detailed and encompassing analysis of Customer Service functions available in today's market.

Audit studies are conducted by Skytrax personnel over an intensive period - project duration dependant on size and complexities of the airport terminal(s).

For more detailed information about World Airport Audit studies, please contact:

Mr Peter Miller
Director Marketing
Email: miller@airlinequality.com


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