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JetBlue Airways 4-Star Airline Rating of Product and Service Quality

JetBlue Airways
SKYTRAX Star Rating 2014 4.0 Star Rating: Good


Economy Class

4-Star Rating

JETBLUE AIRWAYS : Web Site & General Rating

Web Site : Ease of Use 4-Star Rating Age of Aircraft in Fleet 4-Star Rating
Web Site : Product information 4.5-Star Rating Cabin Safety standards Click link for Details 4-Star Rating
Web Site : Online Check-In 4-Star Rating Cockpit Communications 4-Star Rating
Handling Delays/Cancellations 3.5-Star Rating Airline Onboard Magazine Unclassified
Staff Grooming & Presentation 4-Star Rating Assisting Families & Children 4-Star Rating

JETBLUE AIRWAYS : Product & Service Rating

AIRPORT SERVICES  :  Read the Airport reviews   (JFK - Terminal 5)

Check-In Services 4-Star Rating Arrival Assistance 4-Star Rating
Transfer Services 3.5-Star Rating Baggage Delivery 3.5-Star Rating
Early Boarding (purchase) 4-Star Rating    



Seat Comfort  extra legroom 4.5-Star Rating Service Efficiency 4-Star Rating
Seat Comfort  A320: 34" pitch 4-Star Rating Enthusiasm, Attitude 4.5-Star Rating
Seat Comfort  EMB190: 32" pitch 3.5-Star Rating Interaction with PAX 3.5-Star Rating
Buy Onboard Pillow + Blanket 4-Star Rating Cabin Presence thru Flight 4-Star Rating
Inflight Entertainment (Pay) 4.5-Star Rating Responding to Requests 3.5-Star Rating
Washroom Cleanliness 3.5-Star Rating Language Skills 2.5-Star Rating
Cabin Cleanliness and Condition 3.5-Star Rating Consistency amongst Staff 4-Star Rating
Complimentary Snacks 4-Star Rating Friendliness and Hospitality 4.5-Star Rating
Buy Onboard snacks/meals 3.5-Star Rating Staff Grooming & Presentation 4-Star Rating

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